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Caprese Pizza

I have never made or tasted this before.

I found this naan bread at Target and this recipe was on the back.

Sounded good so I thought I would try it.


Here are the ingredients that you will need.

First you brush the olive oil on the garlic naan.

Then you are supposed to grill it, but I just cooked it in my Rachael Ray skillet.

Then I added the pesto and the sliced tomatoes.

Fresh mozzarella cheese is next.

Basil  on top of everything.

Back to the skillet until the cheese is melted.


Here’s the recipe:

I have found that the best recipes are usually found on the packages of the food that you buy.

I hope that you try this one.

 Oh yeah, Big Ran says, “Where’s the pepperoni”.


More later……………………………Sally




That’s right………….I’m still shopping for Christmas presents on Christmas Eve.

And this is exactly what it feels like!!!!

Have a Merry Christmas everyone!!!!

More later…………………….Sally

Dishes For The Month Of May


This month my dishes that I use are going to be all white in honor of our big wedding, that is coming up very soon. 

I have some white Pyrex, ironstone, and Target dishes.

The cake plate is from Target.

The pie plate, batter bowl, and cereal bowls are all Pyrex.

The platter in the back is ironstone.

Those  salt and pepper shakers are very old.

I found them at an antique store.

I just couldn’t resist them! 


The white platters in this picture are ironstone and  bowls and coffee cups are Pyrex.

The off white bowls I got from my Grandma Caldwell right after I first got married in 1983.

She was getting rid of them and I asked her if I could have them and she handed them to me. 

So I guess I have had them for a few years!!!

More Pyrex and ironstone.

There are two scalloped bowls there.

They are thick and in perfect condition. 


I just can’t get enough of those salt and pepper shakers!!!!!!!!

Here is the marking  my ironstone.

Pretty fuzzy picture. 





I hope you enjoyed my white dishes!

More wedding blogs coming soon!


More later……………………..Sally  

Dishes For The Month

 These pretty yellow plates are the inspiration for this month’s dishes.

I got 6 of them at a garage sale 2 or 3 years ago.


These napkins match them perfectly.

I found them at Target.


I got this egg plate at an auction of my neighbor, who I lived by as a child.

It is supposed to have little salt and pepper shakers shaped like eggs in the middle of it.

If anyone knows where I can find some, please let me know!  


This is a Pyrex covered dish.

I have fallen in love with Pyrex!!


I bought this little polka dot plate at a garage sale.



I have no idea where this came from!!


Dishes I have bought from Nell Hill’s in Atchison, Kansas.


Depression glass 


This is all Fiesta Ware.

Some are old and some are new. 


I think it makes the kitchen look fresh.



What do you think?

More later…………Sally 

Shaggy Grey And White Pillows

Look what I found!!

Shaggy pillows!

And not the kind of shaggy that Austin Powers is talking about!! 

Aren’t they awsome?!


Creamy white

I found the perfect place for the shaggy grey one.

Not sure about this one………..it can go any place.

I found these at Target for only $12.99 a piece.

Not bad.

I love them and so does my dog, Shafer.


A dog of good taste!!

More later……Sally

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