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Wedding – The Faux Picture Wall

 Big Ran made the wooden wall with the cutouts for the frames.  Then we added the wallpaper.

Mom and I painted the frames and the trim for the wall.

Then Big Ran put the crown moulding at the top and the frames around the cutouts.  Pretty good so far, huh!  Now we have to hang some frames with some real pictures in them to make it look more like a real wall.

Here are 3 of the bridemaids having some fun with the wall.

This is a very fuzzy picture of Megan, Nic, my Mom, me and Bill.

 Sorry that these pictures are so bad.  I hope you can enjoy them anyway.

Here is Uncle Ted, Mom, Aunt Barbara and Aunt Sherri having some fun.


 This faux wall was a big hit!!  Everyone enjoyed it!  I was too busy with other wedding things to take very many pictures.  I wish that I had taken more pictures.  I highly recommend building one of these walls.  It’s easy if you have a handy hubby like I do!!!!!!!!!!!!

More later……………………………Sally

Wedding Pictures Part 2


We had this chalkboard sign out in front of the country club where we had the wedding.

Here is Kennedy getting her hair done up in curls.

The bride doing her makeup. 


Hamming it up a little…

Or a lot!!  Kennedy with Erica, one of the bridemaids. 

Erica putting on the  garter. 


The bride and beautiful Baby Gracyn.

Melissa, bridesmaid, opening up a little bubbly.

More bubbly from Erica.


The wedding gown and the flower girls dresses. 

All the bridemaids signed the bride’s wedding shoes.  The legend is whoever’s name is worn off the most at the end of the evening is the one who will get married next. 

I sure hope that it isn’t my daughter Madison, she is only 13.

I hope to do some more wedding posts soon.


More later……………………..Sally 



This is a very long post, so sit down a spell. 

 My beautiful daughter, Kamille and her dad.

We did the flowers ourselves.  Ordered them from Sam’s online.  The handkerchief was my dads. We wanted to acknowledge him in some way.  I think it was pretty clear what the big embroidered “C” was meant for, to everyone that knew him.  


 The gazebo was decorated with white tulle giant blue hydrangeas and a small black teardrop chandelier. 

We had the wedding at the golf course at the Daviess County Country Club.  So the bridesmaids and the bride had to go for a ride! 

The good looking young man is my son, Nic and his date Megan. 

Two of my favorite men Nic and my grandson, Baby Michael.

We had a great turnout of people and the weather was perfect!!

Bridesmaids Lauren, my daughter, Kayli, Kamille holding Gracyn and Jamie with Kennedy standing in front sucking her thumb and looking like she might have a case of stage fright.  


We had a wonderful time with family, new family and lots of friends. 

The kids table was a huge hit!!  It was occupied all afternoon. 

 Grandma Burrell and Baby Michael.

 Me and Nic.

 Big Ran built this faux wall for me.  Here are the flowergirls/grandbabies in the shortest frame.  Sooooooooooo cute!!!!! 

I will do a tutorial blog on this for you at a later time.  It really turned out fantastic!!!!! 


 See, I told you the kids loved this area.

 I put branches up and hung tea light votives from them. 


The pews were decorated with big tissue flowers that we made.



The decorations under the tent. 


The tables had antique table clothes on them that I have just lying around the house. 


We hung a couple of chandeliers from the beam in the tent for sparkle. 



  The bride and grooms table.

 Aunt Marilyn, Uncle Gary and Aunt Debbie in the background.


 Some dance shots.  My brother, Bill, Aunt Marilyn and Aunt Sherri.   

 Aunt Barbara and Bill.

 We finished the night with sparklers.

I will have more posts on the wedding and some how tos.

We had a professional photographer take a lot of pictures.  I can’t wait to see them!!  I will post them as soon as I get them.



More later…………………………….Sally

Tuckered Out

The wedding has come and gone and I am……… 

Tuckered Out…


Everyone had a great time!!!

Of course, I will be blogging about everything very soon!!!!!!! 

Lots and lots of wedding details to come!


More later……………Sally

Kamille’s Bridal Shower

 My daughter Kamille and granddaughter Baby Gracyn have finally arrived from Arkansas.

Saturday morning was Kamille’s bridal shower.

Dianna and Jamie Lunsford hosted it at Dianna’s house. 

It was a brunch. 

So we had great breakfast casseroles and lots of good sweets and breads.

We also had lots of good things to drink including mimosas!! 

Here is Kamille’s Grandma Burrell and Sandy playing party games. 

We had lots of friends and family gathered for fun.

Jamie and Cousin Stephanie 

Aunt Debbie and Aunt Sherri 

Cousin Connie and Lora  

Aunt Marilyn and Dianna  

Cousin Shelly and Cousin Tracy  

Our neighbor, Nancy    

Kayli, Laura and Baby Michael 


The view from the top.  


Opening presents. 




Me and my baby girl!! 

Thank you to Dianna, Jamie and Nancy!!

What a wonderful way to start the weekend!!!

Gotta go………..lots left to do.




More later……………..Sally  


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