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Pinterest Bedrooms

I have found some awesome looking bedrooms on Pinterest!

Check these out!

I can’t decide if it is the color I like or the color that I don’t like in this bedroom.

You know what I mean?

Pinned Image

I know that I do love the color combination here. 

And I can’t resist purple. 

This bedroom is the perfect blend of casual and elegant. 

Pinned Image

 I love this bedding!!

Pinned Image

I can’t describe how I feel about this picture, I am drawn to it somehow.

Pinned Image

Have you been on Pinterest?

It’s addictive!!


More later…………………………..Sally

Our Front Door – March – April

I usually have this cross hanger on my door every month, but this month it is especially right.

My little yellow-flowered wreath looks like it was meant to be hanging with it. 

My granddaughter, Kennedy’s eyes lit up when see saw these eggs in  the basket.

As you can see,  two of my helpers, my grandson, Michael and Shafer, can hardly wait to get outside.  They are pretty much right by my side at all times. 

Everyone’s welcome!

Come on over!!


More later…………………..Sally

I Love Gray

I am in love with this gray bedding.

It is from Restoration Hardware.

Pinned Image

Just waiting for a sale!!!

More later……………………………Sally


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Kitchen Love and Knee Update

This kitchen makes my heart go pitter-patter.

I like the beadboard or tongue and groove ceiling.

I’m not sure about those ceiling lights, though.

The all white color palate is my favorite.

What do you like about it?


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Big Ran took out the 4 stitches in my knee.

It feels pretty good.

As a matter of fact, it feels so good that I forget that I had surgery on it and I bump something with it or use it to push something in.

Then I get a quick reminder that it is still sore!

Does your husband do your doctoring?

 Just a quick update, hope all is well. 


More later…………………………..Sally

Dishes of the Month – February 2012

I hope everyone is having a great week.

I have finally got my dishes of the month out to use.

 These dishes are just beautiful.

They are called Juliane Marie by Royal Copenhagen.



I have had these for seven years.

  I spotted them at a garage sale here in my home town.

They were boxed up and you couldn’t even tell what they were, I started digging and of course, I wanted the whole box.  I ended up getting the box for $10.00.  There are 16 plates and 12 saucers in all.


At that time I knew that my twin daughters would be getting married and having babies before long so I thought that these would be perfect for that. 

 And lo and behold, I did get to use them for Kayli and Kami’s baby showers that I had for them here at home. 

 They were beautiful and cheaper than buying fancy paper plates.

These dishes are all different, meaning none of them have the same flower arrangement on them.

They all have this symbol and are all numbered.

Here is a picture of all the plates. 

The saucers are so dainty. 

 They have a texture like lace.


I haven’t used them since the baby showers, until now!



More later……………….Sally


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