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Our Day O Fun

Yesterday we went to Schlitterbaun. 

Today I am exhausted!!

It was a fun place.

Big Ran, Madison, RyLee, and I went.  It was a full day of sun, water, slides, river rides, and waves. 

  “Bathing Beauties”

It is a new water park in Kansas.  They are still building on to it.  It had plenty of fun stuff for us already!

Just hanging out.  Literally!! I hate wearing a swimsuit!!

 Got a shot with everybody’s mouths full! 

They let you bring in your own food and drink. 

 That really cuts down on the cost of things. 

 We took a cooler of sandwiches, snacks, and drinks.

It was a fun day away!


More later………….Sally

Pinterest – ing

I now have 47 different boards and tons of pins.  I am having a blast!

Here are the “Fabulous Four” finds for this week on Pinterest.


I love this barrel or cage chandelier! 

Glamorous Greenhouse Makeover - Shabby Chic Decorating - Country Living


Drinks To Try:

Homemade Diet Coke Icee

Bake at 350



Sayings that I want to refer to from time to time.




I am into the black and white tile right now. 

House of Turquoise: Bedroom

 I hope you have enjoyed a few of my pins.


More later……………………Sally


Spinach Salad Recipe

As I promised last week, here is the spinach salad recipe that my Aunt Barbara made at Grandma’s Dinner.

This is Aunt Barbara with my Mom, Nancy sitting on the stairs at the church. 


 In this recipe you can add as much of any of the ingredients that you want.  It’s all up to your preference.

Here are the ingredients:

Baby Spinach

Feta Cheese


Red Onion




Balsamic Dressing

Mix it all together and serve.

 It is delicious!!

Try it, I know that you will like it!!



More later…………..Sally


Party Time

My son, Nic and his girlfriend, Megan came over to celebrate their birthdays. 

It just so happens that Megan’s birthday is the 17th of July and Nic’s is the 18th. 

I usually try to let the kids pick their own menu for their birthday and Nic’s menu was no surprise.  He wanted meatloaf and green bean casserole.  It wasn’t too bad! 

I know that they aren’t children any more, but, I used these rainbow candles anyway.

 On a store-bought cake.

Fun!!  Sorry this picture is so fuzzy.  I’m not very good at action shots.

Baby Michael loved the ice cream and cake part!  And he HAD to do it himself .

I have no idea!???!  Madison is always full of surprises.


 It’s always fun to have the kids at home together.  It doesn’t happen very often!!

That’s life at our house, throw everyone together as often as we can!! 


More later……………….Sally




Pinterest Fabulous Four

Here are the fabulous finds for this week on Pinterest:


I must have a farmhouse sink!


Ideas For Ms Warner:

My daughter, Kayli, is going to be a 2nd grade teacher this year, so I have made a board for her to reference things for her classroom.  This is a bulletin board idea for her.

Doodle Bugs Teaching: Bulletin Board


This piece of furniture is from Pottery Barn.  It could be used in a lot of different rooms in your house, dinning, living, bedroom, etc.

  Want To Make:

In this board I have things that I “Want To Make”.  That doesn’t mean that I ever will ,or that it will really turn out right.  Just a board to think about doing something! 


There are some really great ideas on Pinterest!!


More later…………Sally



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