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Wrap Up of October

We had a busy October.

My daughter Kayli and her fiancé Chad got married.

Here is a picture of their beautiful family.



These se two came home from Arkansas to attend the wedding, it was great to have them home again.


We had a small reception with a little karaoke action.

That’s my son Nic, my aunt Marilyn, and me singing for the crowd.


It was a great night with lots of family and good friends!

Then we had Halloween, of course.

Here is a shot of Hudson with his ghostly gourd.


Kinsley, Kennedy, and Michael are showing off their Jack-O-Lanterns.


Hope your October was great, too!


More later………………Sally

The Big Box

Our neighbors put in a new tub at their house and gave us the box for the grandkids to play in.

Kids love boxes!!!  Especially really big ones! 

Kennedy was very excited, as you can tell.

Here she and Hudson are inside playing.

She colored, used the markers, and put stickers on as much of it as she could.  It was an all day thing.

Then we got out the ornament kit to make the kids handprints for their mother for Christmas.

Kennedy did very well at it.

Michael’s handprint was a little tougher to make.

Then it’s back to the box.


Thanks Tom and Nancy for thinking of us! 


More later…………….Sally

Birthday Bash

Over the weekend we had a birthday party for my granddaughter, Kennedy and grandson, Michael.

I have a new camera, finally, so some of these pictures are actually pretty good.

Kennedy standing here with the table full of gifts.

 Michael looking very ornery. 

Michael with his party hat and 1st birthday bib on. 

Happy Birthday Michael and Kennedy

 Kennedy had a little Mermaid cake and Michael had a Smurf cake. 

They had a ton of presents!!
Uncle Nic holding Baby Hudson.
Baby Hudson won the “Most Dressed Up” award with that tie on. 
 Kennedy and Graycn
 We had to play with some of the new toys!!
 My granddaughters, Kennedy and Gracyn love to party it up. 
But here is the real party animal!!!
 We all had a great time.
Having all 4 of my grandchildren in the same place at the same time is indeed a blessing!!
 More later…………………Sally



This week’s Fabulous Four is indeed quite fabulous!


In this board I have put things that I think are awesome ideas.  And there are some that I might actually try!  Balloon ping-pong seems like a harmless way to have some fun inside without anything getting broken.

Balloon Ping Pong - super idea

Balloon Ping Pong 



I think Hudson would look very distinguished with one of these. 


 Mustache Pacifier



I could see myself sitting on this porch playing a game of solitaire.

Love this front porch! Pillars...perfect!

Love These Pillars!!




I have a collection of these type picnic baskets.

Love them!!  

more baskets

Tin Baskets


Have you joined Pinterest yet?

I couldn’t even begin to tell you how much fun I am having with it! 

Happy Pinning!!



More later……………….Sally




The Trifecta

My daughter, Kayli is going to have baby number three any time now.

We are at the hospital and dilated to a 3.

Madison, my youngest daughter, is very excited to be here.  When her other nieces and her nephew were born she was off doing something else and didn’t get to be there at the hospital.

She has found out how comfortable the chairs are for the visitors!

We have been in labor for several hours here.

Just waiting……………..

Here he is in all his glory!!  Hudson Lee.  He weighed 7 lbs and 5 ozs and is 20 1/2″ long.  I figured him at 7 lbs. and 4 ozs., pretty close!

He only cried for a little while, then he started listening to everyone talking.  Soooooooooooooo cute!

He looks a lot like his older brother, Baby Michael.

With his mommy.

He is ready to face the world!!!

We have been blessed yet again!

Kayli now has three children born on the same day.  All of them natural labors.  It has to be some kind of record or something!!!

Thank you Lord!!

We will take good care of him.

More later…………….Sally

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