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A Break In The Weather

We went on a wonderful cruise vacation last week.

Below are pictures of Jamaica.

imageIt was very nice to get away for a week.

If you want to see these Jamaica pictures better, just click on the picture and they will get larger.imageimage


We flew from Kansas City to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Started on our cruise.

From there we went to Key West, Grand Cayman, and then to Jamaica.

It was a wonderful get a way.

Below is a picture of my Uncle Gary and Aunt Debbie having fun before dinner.


Our good friends Scott and Cindy.  Lookin’ good!


An amazing sunset at dinner time.


The maid service always makes towel animals for you every day to enjoy.





Uncle Ted and Aunt Barbara.


Our best friends, Mark and Connie.


When we left Kansas City it looked like this!


Here are some random pictures that I took.



It was a blast!


The water was soooooooo blue and beautiful!


More later……………………….Sally

To the Pool

We went to the pool.

This is Michael on the turtle.

Kennedy and Hudson on the seashell.

Hudson loved the water sprinklers that came up from the ground.

Neither one of my grandsons are afraid of the water at all!

Kennedy is another story.

Although she did a request to go to the big pool and swim with her Grammy for a while.

It was fun.

We didn’t stay too long, because the kids haven’t been feeling all that great lately.

But it was plenty long enough for Grammy!!

More later…………..Sally

Pottery Barn Online

Pottery Barn just makes me dream a little bigger!

Oh yeah!  I could relax right here!!!

By the ocean or by the pool, I just can’t decide!!

Now for a nice tall, iced drink!!!

More later………………….Sally

Dinner on the Boat

Okay, this is the last post that I am doing on the cruise.

It is just such a unique experience that I wanted to give it it’s due time.

Every evening at dinner they had a category on the menu of “something that you always wanted to try”.  One time it was shark bites, another time it was alligator, they had snails, and sushi.   Here is a picture of frog legs, they were good.  Of course, I tried this category every night.

They came with the tiniest rolls and butter.

Portobela mushroom salad.

This was our head waiter.

I miss him.

  I would love to have a waiter and chef at home on a regular basis.

Oh yes, the waiters sing, dance,

and dance,

dance on top of things,

and dance.

Our tables were in the balcony.  Here is a picture of the first floor dining.

Did I mention that the waiters danced for us?

We dressed up for dinner every night.

Uncle Gary – Aunt Sherri – Uncle Ted – Me – Cousin Angel

In my opinion, you can never spend too much time with family that also are some of your best friends!!!

More later…………………………….Sally

Vacation in the Eastern Caribean

I found some pictures of us enjoying ourselves on the cruise ship.

This night is “captain’s night”  where the captain  meets the cruisers, so everyone puts on their best duds and their best behavior.

Here is a picture of Big Ran, Me and The Captain of the ship.

I think Jerald has something in his eye here.

Jerald, Aunt Sherri, and Bill.

See what I mean by best behavior?!?

Aunt Barbara, Bill, and Aunt Sherri.

This is Mark and Connie with their daughter, Courtney and her boyfriend, Andrew.

I just love this picture!!

Aunt Debbie and Uncle Gary, he reminds me so much of my dad.

Connie and Mom.

Mark and Connie

Vickie looks like she is glowing!

Vacation agrees with her!!

Sandy and Pat

Bill and Aunt Sherri, two heads are better than one?!?

Uncle Gary doing a little karaoke.

And Vickie singing some Patsy Cline.

This picture is in San Juan.  It is of the ceiling in the capital building.

It was beautiful in there.

They had bronze statues of every president that visited while they were in office.  Aunt Sherri and Lora are liking President Kennedy.

Yes, there was a McDonald’s in San Juan.

In Saint Thomas we took a jeep cruise.  Check this out!

I always like to take a picture of my feet in the sand so I can look back on it and remember that feeling.

More later………………………….Sally

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