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Christmas at Moms

Mom had her table set in blue.

It was really pretty.

This is what everyone sat down to.

After dinner she got out the carom board.  Have you ever played carom?  It’s kind of like pool except your fingers are the pool cues.

  Mom made lasagna!!!  Her lasagna is the best I have ever had.  Everyone else agrees with me.

Gracy getting ready to dig in.

This year we drew names out of a hat for the gifts givers and receivers.

 Then we decided that all the gifts had to be homemade.

Kamille and Justin drew out Mom’s and Megan’s names.  They made candles in wine bottles that they cut off themselves.  Pretty impressive.

Nic had Kamille’s name, he made reindeer out of a six-pack of beer and some coasters for her beverages.

Bill had Big Ran’s name.  Trust me, he really did like his Osborn green and orange Christmas bulbs.  What a hilarious picture!!!

Megan had Kayli’s name and made her a cool teacher crayon wreath and some zebra coasters.

Mom had Madison’s name.  She made her a picture frame with pictures of Madison and Dad, and other pictures of Mom and Dad in their younger days.

  It is awesome!

Here is a picture of the super heroes and their capes.  Bill, Nic, and Justin, I’m sure they are probably wearing these capes now!!

We had our celebration on the 23rd of December, so we also had a little rum cake for the twins birthday.

Yes, that’s right, Mom went all out!  It was a great time!!

Oh yeah, Kayli, I am still waiting on my homemade gift!!!!!

More later………………………….Sally

A Christmas Project

For Christmas at my mom’s house this year we drew names and the only rule about the gifts were that they had to be homemade.

Big Ran and his tape measure getting our project started.

Madison is in the background doing what she does best…………..TEXTING!!!

The names we drew out of the hat were Justin (Kamille’s new husband), Bill (my brother), and Nicolas.

So this idea was easy to come up with for these heroes.

Being a left-handed person, I can’t cut anything.  I try not to use scissors at all.  So, Big Ran did all the cutting.

Yep, you guessed it!!!  Superman capes!

Not just Superman capes, Reversible Batman/Superman capes.  Here are the guys with the super hero capes on.  Bill, Nic, and Justin.

These were fairly simple to make.  I used 1 yard of blue and 1 yard of black fabric for the capes.  Big Ran cut out the emblems and I spray glued everything together.  Just added velcro to keep them together.  See, fairly simple.

I have more pictures of the projects that everyone else made coming.  Stay tuned.

More later……………………………………….Sally

The Big Box

Our neighbors put in a new tub at their house and gave us the box for the grandkids to play in.

Kids love boxes!!!  Especially really big ones! 

Kennedy was very excited, as you can tell.

Here she and Hudson are inside playing.

She colored, used the markers, and put stickers on as much of it as she could.  It was an all day thing.

Then we got out the ornament kit to make the kids handprints for their mother for Christmas.

Kennedy did very well at it.

Michael’s handprint was a little tougher to make.

Then it’s back to the box.


Thanks Tom and Nancy for thinking of us! 


More later…………….Sally

Fingerpainting with Kennedy

 My granddaughter, Kennedy and I got out the paints yesterday.

Whew!!  What fun!!

This is what we used.

Because that is what we had around the house.

You could use red ink, any paint, just glue and glitter……..go crazy.  

The little hearts were made by her little index finger.

We dipped her finger in the paint from a bowl and put it sideways one way and then sideways the opposite direction on the pink construction paper.

Then were poured some red glitter over the heart before it completely dried so it would stick.

Next Kennedy wrote the I and the U above and below the glittered heart.

I cut it out and framed it.

Now it is on display!!!

She is sooo proud!  


Monday, December 20, 2010


Since we have a new addition to our family….


I needed another stocking before Christmas eve.


I took this old stocking that I had.


I made a pattern out of a brown paper bag.


I had a sweater that I used to love, until I shrank it.
I found a bunch of scrap fleece material.


And I made a stocking out of it.
Now I get to fill all of them!!
Tis the season!
More later…………………Sally
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