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To the Pool

We went to the pool.

This is Michael on the turtle.

Kennedy and Hudson on the seashell.

Hudson loved the water sprinklers that came up from the ground.

Neither one of my grandsons are afraid of the water at all!

Kennedy is another story.

Although she did a request to go to the big pool and swim with her Grammy for a while.

It was fun.

We didn’t stay too long, because the kids haven’t been feeling all that great lately.

But it was plenty long enough for Grammy!!

More later…………..Sally

Courtney’s Bridal Shower

One of my best friend’s daughter, Courtney, had a bridal shower thrown for her by her brides maids.

The refreshment table was very cute!

The banner is burlap.

They had cupcakes, punch, homemade mints, and nuts.

Here is the maid of honor, Ashley.

Lots of cupcakes!!

Courtney looks like she is glowing.

These are pictures of some of the friends and family in attendance.

They got lots of nice presents to start their new life together in style.

It was a great afternoon.

More later………………..Sally

Jesse James Days

This weekend was Jesse James Days in my home town.

My grandkids were in the baby show.

Here’s Hudson, he won his age group.

He was the only one in it!

Kennedy smiling pretty.

Hudson takes the stage.

Now it’s Michael’s turn.

Isn’t he just the cutest thing you have ever seen???

He chased me down after I took his picture on the stage and said,  ” More cheese, more cheese!”

Wanting me to take his picture again.

He’s a quite a ham.

Kennedy’s turn to take the stage.

Michael got the first place medal.

Kennedy ended up with second place.

This is a picture of my cousins, Mitch and Bobby playing in the horseshoe tournament.

My cousin, Terry, Autumn,  and baby Autery just hanging out and having a good time.

It’s always fun to be in your hometown.

More later………………………………Sally

New Post at Just Resting Up – Home

I put a new video post on at my other blog,

It is about the building progress of our new home.


More later…………………………….Sally

Big Mac Recipe

The big mac has been around for over forty years.

With over 55o million big macs sold annually.

Big Ran loves big macs, so I was happy to find the recipe from the executive chef, Dan Coudreaut, at McDonald’s.

The “special sauce” is even revealed!!


Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame seed bun.

Are you going to try to recreate one??

Me too!!

More later……………………..Sally

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