My Granddaughter Kennedy

My granddaughter Kennedy is turning into a star!

She won first place in a talent show at a local picnic.

Click on the link below to see her performance.

You have to check it out!!!

More later……………………..Sally

Track Season

My daughter, Madison has run track again this year.

Here are a few photos of her season this year.


image image image

Track sure takes it all out of a kid!!


Love this girl!!

More later……………Sally

Final Surgery=All Is Well

On Thursday I had my last surgery in our plan of wellness.

They put back what the took away.

My husband, Big Ran, (as he likes to be called), Large, (what I prefer to call him), has been my rock.

Last night he gave me this beautiful necklace with our names and birthstones on it.


I love it!!

I had better wrap this post up so I can get on with my recovery!

I am doing very well.

I’ve always been very favored in the eyes of the Lord, just sayin’.

Those if you who know me, know that is a fact!

More later………Sally

Easter Food

Easter is fast approaching and of course, The Lord, Our Savior is the first thing that comes to your mind.

Secondly, is food!!!!!

There’s Ham, Lamb, salads, desserts, vegetable sides of all kinds!!!!

Mom is in charge of Easter dinner every year and this year she is having a “cookout”.

So we will be having hamburgers, hot dogs, and brats.

Sounds good, huh!!

I’ve been looking for new recipes to try on Pinterest, as I always do.

Last year I made this tomato, corn, and avocado salad and everyone liked it, so I’m making it again.


I am also going to make this banana pudding recipe.



And to give the kids something fun to eat, I am making this rice krispie treat recipe.

It is made with the little marshmallow peeps.


What are you planning on making for your Easter dinner?

After church, of course.

More later……………Sally

Winston Redbirds #1 or # 2 In The State?

We have seen some very exciting games in the last few days as the Winston Redbird Boys team has been at the state final four tournament.

Although we have had some very, very good boys basketball teams from Winston, they have never been this far before.

This will be the last high school basketball game for seniors Chevy Calhoon and CJ Uthe.

Go get ’em!

The sign committee is doing a great job!!

image image image image image image image

So happy for this team!

As I mentioned before, this is the first time the boys team has made it to the final four, but Winston had been there before………..32 years ago, the 1983 girls team, and yes, I was on that team!

The only senior on the team, along with juniors – Pam (Pedro) Moore, Jenny and Beth Lin, and Jane Taylor, sophomores – Jodie Lin, Tina Hutton, Shari Wright, and Kathy Perry.

Best time of my life!

Enjoy it boys!

More later………………Sally

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