December Birthday Time!

Yes I am definitely behind!!!!

We had a surprise party for my daughters Kayli and  Kamille, and my Aunt Marilyn.

 Kayli and Kamille turned 30 and Marilyn turned 60.

So we did a 30 + 30 =60 theme.

There was good food and even some karaoke!

It was a lot of fun.

image image image image image image

 I found this picture of the birthday kids the other day and had to share!!

 The twins and my dad a few years ago.


I have a lot more to tell you about.

We’ll talk soon!

More later…………………….Sally

New Years Eve

Today is New Years Eve!

What a year!

I have learned with life it’s give and take.

Sometimes it’s more give than take.

Sometimes it’s more take than give.

We are promised nothing, but our salvation.

Think about that!

Our salvation is everything!

I know that there are more profound people than me out there, so I will just put it to you in my own words.

You can not get through life without letting others in!

Let them love you.

It’s  good for other people and it’s great for you!!!

I have never felt so loved as I have this year!

Here are a few pictures of some of the people that I love.


image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image






More later……………….Sally



Wrap Up of October

We had a busy October.

My daughter Kayli and her fiancé Chad got married.

Here is a picture of their beautiful family.



These se two came home from Arkansas to attend the wedding, it was great to have them home again.


We had a small reception with a little karaoke action.

That’s my son Nic, my aunt Marilyn, and me singing for the crowd.


It was a great night with lots of family and good friends!

Then we had Halloween, of course.

Here is a shot of Hudson with his ghostly gourd.


Kinsley, Kennedy, and Michael are showing off their Jack-O-Lanterns.


Hope your October was great, too!


More later………………Sally

Update on Health Issues

I just want to let everyone know what’s going on with my health issues now.

Sometimes things can get a bit exaggerated, so I thought I would put it out there straight from the horses’ mouth!

I am still doing my blocker treatments through November.

Then I will be completely done.

In the meantime these treatments have caused weakness with my heart.

The doctor says this will repair itself in time.

So, I’m taking it pretty easy for a couple of months.

No biggie!!!

Thank you for all of your prayers and support, it means a lot!!!

More later…………….Sally

Something In The Water

I just heard this song.

Carrie Underwood is amazing!

I just wanted to share something positive in this world as it changes more and more every day.

I hope you enjoy this video and share it for others to see.

More later……………Sally


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