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More Fall Decorating

I have more of my fall decorating to show you.

This rack is an old magazine rack with an ashtray.

 I decorated it with some little monsters, cookie cutters, pears and pumpkins, fall leaves napkins,  a big orange metal Fiestaware popcorn bowl and some candy.

I found this rack at a garage sale last summer, my girlfriends thought that I was crazy.  I am really liking it now!!

This little monster is adorable!!

The little Pyrex bowl with the orange diamond shapes is another one of my Pyrex favorites.

A picture of the display.  The flowers are fresh, I got them at Target.  Fresh flowers are getting very popular with me!   

I hope you enjoyed this post,

I enjoy this display every time I walk by.



More later…………………………..Sally

Dishes Of The Month & More Homecoming


I decided to go with orange, black and white for the month of October.

I have some Pyrex bowls, Fiesta plates and bowls, iron ware platters.

The transferware black and white bowl is very old.   The little orange splatterware bowl is like Rachael Ray uses for her trash bowl.

I really like this combination of colors.


Kennedy got to ride on her preschool float for the homecoming parade.

She had a great time!

Time flies,  seems like she was just born.

At least she still has her baby face.



More later…………………….Sally


Nesting For Fall

I have finally got some fall decorating done.

This is on the island in my kitchen.

I just love my little white Pyrex bowls with the orange polka dots.

Here is a shot of my white, very old Pyrex bowl with the black polka dots.

I think it turned out pretty good.

 What do you think??

Decorating outside this evening.

I’ll let you know how it turns out!

More later……………………….Sally

Dishes For The Month Of September


  This is a really late post, so sorry.

  The dishes that I have been using for this month are a mixture.

In this first picture the brown divided dishes and the small white lidded dish are Pyrex.

The mustard colored dishes are Frankoma 5E.

We are also using our brown, mustard and green bakelite silverware, also.

Of course, I always have some of my fiesta ware out for the month.  The brown bowl, cup, plate, and small server plate are all fiesta.   The two green goblets are one of my finds from my garage sales this summer.  I love them and have already used them several times!

My Frankoma mustard yellow plates are very thick.

  Hopefully that means that they will be hard to break.

There they are!

Well got to go!

I have lots of fall decorating to do!

More later…………..Sally

August Dishes Of The Month

The dishes of the month post for the month of August is my Fiesta ware.

These orange bowls are chili bowls.  I have a set of four.

I got a lot of these tea cups from a garage sale from last year.

These two bowls are called “popcorn bowls”.  They come in a set of five, but I only have the large one and one small bowl.   They are steel.  I need to complete my set!

I have been collecting this Fiesta Ware for years, some of it is new and some old.

These dishes go with anything.  I just got this at a garage sale last week.  I haven’t researched it yet.  I don’t know if it is a honey pot or a sugar bowl.  Anyone know???

In this stack are plates and bowls.

Red sugar and creamer set and cobalt salt and pepper shakers.

A  green covered casserole dish and pie plate.

Fiesta Ware is my favorite dish.  Without question!

My grandma had a set of these dishes that we ate on every Sunday for dinner after church.

I hope to continue the tradition!

More later……………………..Sally

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