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My Garden This Month – June

The garden is thriving this month.

My basil is smelling and tasting great!

I am always looking for ways to save my basil to have it year round and I have found another way.

I found this on Pinterest.

 From thegardenerseden.com

Pinned Image
I am trying this today!!!
Cherry tomatoes almost ready.

So far we have one sunflower that has bloomed and it is glorious!

How does your garden grow?

More later………………………………….Sally

Pinterest Recipes for the 4th of July

Have  you made your plans for the 4th of July yet?

Are you celebrating the weekend before, the weekend after, or right on the 4th?

We are celebrating all 3 times!

Here are some great 4th of July recipes that I found on Pinterest.

Start thing off with a festive drink.

Pop rocks on the rim

From cleverhousewife.com

This is a brownie trifle.


Pinned Image

I am going to try this slaw.

Pinned Image
This salad looks like something I would really love!

Pinned Image

Pinned via pinmarklet

This cupcake is pinned from howdoesshe.com.
Pinned Image
Are you hungry yet???
Have a great Independence Day.
More later…………………………..Sally

New Basketball Goal

This is what our basketball goal looked like every time that a big wind came along, seems like it was like this just as much as it was upright!

Here is what our new basketball goal looks like now.

Big Ran dug a hole and put some cement in it and now our goal is very secure.

Nevermind the tube socks and sandals thing that Big Ran is rockin’.

We had help getting this heavy backboard up.

My brother, Bill came over.

Madison even had a hand in getting it ready.

Big b-ball games ahead!

More later………….Sally

Outside with Pinterest

I have found some cool ideas for outside spaces on Pinterest.

Here are a few of them.

I think this planter/floating candle thing is awesome.

Pinned Image
 Love, love, and love!!!
This is something I could live with.
Pinned Image
I think this is very clever.
The title of this picture is “Spilt Milk”.
I could never do this because Big Ran would weed eat this all down to nothing!
Pinned Image

Outdoor Twister! 

Now this looks like fun!

Pinned Image
What have you pinned lately?
More later…………………..Sally

My Garden This Month – May

The garden has had some ups and downs last month.

The weather has been a lot warmer in March and the first part of April this year.

So I have planted bunches of goodies.

Big Ran and the grandkids have already been eating from our strawberry patch.

Everything is looking great!

Strawberries, onions, sunflowers, lettuce, and radishes all share a small space.


I have some other vegetables planted, but they haven’t shown their green yet. 

How does your garden grow? 


More later……………………………….Sally


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