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Nesting For Fall

I have finally got some fall decorating done.

This is on the island in my kitchen.

I just love my little white Pyrex bowls with the orange polka dots.

Here is a shot of my white, very old Pyrex bowl with the black polka dots.

I think it turned out pretty good.

 What do you think??

Decorating outside this evening.

I’ll let you know how it turns out!

More later……………………….Sally

Homecoming 2011

I’M BACK!!!!

I had surgery last week on my wisdom teeth.

I had already had my bottom two wisdom teeth pulled out so I knew what I was in for……I am so glad that we only have 4 and mine are all gone!!  And you know what, I feel a lot wiser already!

Glad to have it behind me, I am not feeling perfect, but I feel a lot better.  I will settle for better.   

Madison had her homecoming dance last weekend.

Here she is at her sister, Kayli’s house where she got ready.

She needed help with her hair.

Big Ran and Kennedy were pretty impressed with her, too. 

In this picture that Kennedy and I jumped in on, you are missing the best part, Kennedy has her leg propped up and is really giving the camera a great pose.

I think Kennedy will be a little better at posing than Madison is! 

She doesn’t like having her picture taken.

She looked beautiful!!


More posts to come, I can’t wait to show you my fall decorating.



More later……………….Sally

Dishes For The Month Of September


  This is a really late post, so sorry.

  The dishes that I have been using for this month are a mixture.

In this first picture the brown divided dishes and the small white lidded dish are Pyrex.

The mustard colored dishes are Frankoma 5E.

We are also using our brown, mustard and green bakelite silverware, also.

Of course, I always have some of my fiesta ware out for the month.  The brown bowl, cup, plate, and small server plate are all fiesta.   The two green goblets are one of my finds from my garage sales this summer.  I love them and have already used them several times!

My Frankoma mustard yellow plates are very thick.

  Hopefully that means that they will be hard to break.

There they are!

Well got to go!

I have lots of fall decorating to do!

More later…………..Sally



 College football games have begun!

So far we have played 2 games and we are 1-1. 

 My son, Nic is #36.  


 He plays line backer. 

 This is his first year to start in college. 

 Needless to say, we are all very excited!!


 He has worked hard for 4 years to get his starting position.

Always working out, running, lifting weights, etc. 

He is a very determined young man!  



In the first game he had 7 tackles and in the second ame he had 5. 

 He was voted defensive player of the game by his teammates in the first game with the most tackles.    

Here are the stats so far. 


      Tackles  Sacks  Pass Defense  Fumbles  Blkd    
DEFENSIVE LEADERS  GP  Solo  Ast  Total  TFL-Yds  No-Yds  Int-Yds  BU  PD  Qbh  Rcv-Yds  FF  Kick  Saf 
48  Madget,Thomas   14   .     .       .    .
36  Burrell,Nic   12   .     .       .    .
90  Pister,Ben   10   2.0 – 17   2.0 – 17 1 – 11    .
1   Weston,Jeremy    .     .    2 – 16    .
96  Bryson,Sean Tray   2.0 – 4  .       .    .
  Total……….  77  66  143   13 – 52  8 – 46 3 – 27 1 – 0
  Opponents……  70  70  140   18 – 75  5 – 30 2 – 1 3 – 4

2011 Missouri Western Football


 More later……………..Sally

Pinterest For This Week

This week I have for you some pins that I have pinned in my board titled, “Fall”

I am getting ready to get my fall decorations out and I thought that I would share some of other people’s ideas with you.


We carve pumpkins every year, so this is a great tip! 

Use silica gel packets to keep pumpkins/gourds from molding.
Wow, the things I learn on Pinterest.

I think this is funny! 

climbing skeletons
I bet these are delicious. 
widdle pumpkin pies – adowable
This is kind of spooky in a good way. 
Oh how I love this!!! The old white piano especially! Halloween Banner tutorial – could use the template for many things.


 Are you enjoying Pinterest?


More later……………….Sally

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