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Birthdays, Birthdays, BIRTHDAYS!

We have had some birthday celebrations around here lately.

Gracyn came up from Arkansas to stay a week last month, so we celebrated her 5th birthday while she was here.

We had a cookout and birthday cake and ice cream at her Aunt Kayli’s house.

All her cousins were there!!

image image image image

 The  picture above on the right is Gracyn with her great grandparents.

I also threw a surprise 50th birthday party for Big Ran.

We had a Miami Dolphin cake and Mountain Dew cupcakes on the desert table.

I made a 50 sign with pictures of him on it.

He received some great old man gifts!!!

image image image image

 I don’t know if you have noticed or not , but Big Ran has grown a “Soul Patch” on his chin since he has retired from the Army Reserve.

He is very proud!

He joined the Army Reserve when he was 18, so this is the first time he has had to grow facial hair.

So to honor his “Soul Patch”, I bought those stick on mustaches and cut them to look like soul patches for everyone to wear.

Fun time!!

I wish I had taken more pictures!!!

My cousin, Joni and her son, Dakota on the right and Big Ran’s coach from high school, Gerald Bond on the left.

image image

We all had a great time!

More later…………….Sally

A Break In The Weather

We went on a wonderful cruise vacation last week.

Below are pictures of Jamaica.

imageIt was very nice to get away for a week.

If you want to see these Jamaica pictures better, just click on the picture and they will get larger.imageimage


We flew from Kansas City to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Started on our cruise.

From there we went to Key West, Grand Cayman, and then to Jamaica.

It was a wonderful get a way.

Below is a picture of my Uncle Gary and Aunt Debbie having fun before dinner.


Our good friends Scott and Cindy.  Lookin’ good!


An amazing sunset at dinner time.


The maid service always makes towel animals for you every day to enjoy.





Uncle Ted and Aunt Barbara.


Our best friends, Mark and Connie.


When we left Kansas City it looked like this!


Here are some random pictures that I took.



It was a blast!


The water was soooooooo blue and beautiful!


More later……………………….Sally

I Am Blessed

The knee surgery went very well, thank God.

I go back to the doctor in 2 weeks.

My sweet husband and devoted mom were there with me.

I also received

lots of well wishes from friends and family via texts, phone calls, and Facebook messages, which I greatly appreciate.

When we got home my besties, Connie, Marilyn, and Lora, came over and brought a whole meal for my family.

It was fabulous.

Here’s a picture of our last adventure together.


There are tall ships, there are small ships, there are pretty ships, and there are ugly ships, but the best ship of all is FRIENDSHIP!

More later…………………….Sally

Easter Fun

This Easter was a great time!

There was lots of great food…..


Mom  always does the Easter feast and it was delicious this year.

The asparagus bundles were my favorite.

I like to try to make something fun for Easter every year so I made these nests with eggs.

Sooooooooooooooo easy!


I love getting together with family.

Especially when a good game of kickball is involved.



Everybody plays.

image image image

My brother, Bill was really moving out in that one!!!


According to my family, you are never too young or too old for kickball.

I hope your Easter fun was as memorable as mine!


More later………………………………..Sally


KISS Sings To The Troops

This video from YouTube is something every American should see.


Makes me proud to be an American.

More later……………………..Sally


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