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Nic’s Last Football Game


Nic Burrell in MWSC vs. NWMSU


Northwest Missouri State spotted Missouri Western a 16-0 lead but battled back to win Saturday’s NCAA Division II playoff tilt in St. Joseph. The Bearcats outscored the Griffons, 27-7, in the second half to advance to the region semifinals against #2 Midwestern State, out of the Lone Star Conference.

Gallatin grad Nic Burrell played every snap on defense for the Griffons and registered eight tackles, including one for loss. The MWSU senior linebacker also spent a busy afternoon dropping into pass coverage against the Bearcats’ best receiver, #4 Tyler Shaw.

 For every tackle #36 had this year you could hear some where in the audience, “YEAH NIC!!!”,  from his very proud momma.

We were blessed this year to get to go to every game, away and home.

Here are a few pictures of some of his fans.

His girlfriend, Megan.

His sister, Kayli.  That’s Big Ran in the back ground.

His nephew, Hudson.

His Grandma and Grandpa Burrell

His sister, Kamille and Megan

The Griffon and his sister, Madison

His sign holding niece, Kennedy 

There were many other fans there, too.  Tom, Alan, Brice, Bill, Steve, Bobby, Bob, Jimmy, Mitch, Bradley, Stephanie, Aaron, Justin, Gracyn, Dianna, Mike, Kelly, Michael, Tony, Nana, Bailey, Marty, and Marcus just to name a few.

 I’m pretty sure Coach Partridge is telling Nic what a great job he just did!!!

It was a great ride!!


More later………….Sally

Salute to Veterans

It’s Veterans Day!

This is a picture of my Dad in his navy gear.

  My husband is in the U. S.  Army Reserve.  He has been enlisted
for 30 years.  I am very proud of him!

 This is a picture of my husband with the
Commanding General of the U. S. Army Reserve.  My husband is on the right.  From
November 2007 to November 2008, he was stationed in Iraq, needless to say it was
a very, very long year for both of us.

My Dad was also a Veteran.  He was in
the U. S. Navy.  He served in Cuba.

  There are so many things I could write
about him, but for now I will just say he was an AMAZING AND LOVING MAN.

Thank you to all Veterans!!!

More later………………………Sally

Madison’s Track Season


My daughter Madison just finished her 7th grade track season.

This was her first year running track. 


Here she is getting the hand off from her teammate Sara in the 4X400 meter relay.

They got four 1st place medals and two 2nd place medals in this relay this year!  


Most of the track meets were very cold, windy and rainy.

At one track meet it even snowed for a little while.  


She won two 3rd place medals for the 200 meter dash.

She won two 3rd place medals and one 4th place medal for the 400 meter dash. 


She won a second place metal in the 100 meter dash.  

 The 4X200 Meter relay team won a second place medal. 

Here we are at the long jump. 


She won a 4th place medal in this event. 




Now to understand her achievements, you have to know this.

She is a 7th grader.

She is running and jumping against 7th and 8th graders. 

They had 6 track meets. 


SHE WON 14 MEDALS!!!!!!  

I am very proud of her accomplishments! 



More later……………………..Sally 

My Son – The Football Player


My son, Nic called from college last Friday and said, “You might want to get a St Joe Newspress a reporter interviewed me after practice last night and I could be in there!”

So, of course, I ran out and got a paper.

Here it is. 

Coach Partridge said seniors Nic Burrell, Cody Kremer and Jake Buckwalter form the program-seasoned portion of the next tier of linebackers hoping to step in. Tom Madget is the corps’ only returning starter.

 Burrell (16 tackles last season) noticed a team-morale and chemistry jolt this offseason due to the first playoff berth in four seasons and more organized skill workouts the GISC made possible.  

“The whole morale’s different on the team,” Burrell said. “We’re in the facility practicing hard. Even before the coaches were there and it (wasn’t) mandatory. We were working hard together as a team. Everybody has a desire to win.”


This is my BABY!! 

Love you, Nicolas!

So Proud!!


More later…………….Sally 





Madison’s Basketball Game

 My daughter, Madison is a basketball player.

She is in 7th grade.

She played games in school this year and now she is playing with a team at the YMCA

Her team is in the white jerseys.

Here they are huddling up.

She is #4.

So far they have won all of their games!!

Great job team!!

Great job #4!! 

Another “Proud Mom” moment.

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