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Just Resting Up – Home

I have started a new blog called Just Resting Up – Home.

It is going to consist of everything about the new house, decorating, DIYs, re-dos, and more.

The first post I have done is about the house plans.

In the next several days I am going to add more and more of the new house adventures that I have had on this blog to the new blog.

On this blog I am going to have more on family, gardening, cooking and recipes, dishes, and whatever else comes to mind.

Here is the address to my other blog www.justrestingup-home.blogspot.com.

More later…………………….Sally

Shopping With The Twins

My girls are just beautiful, if I do say so myself.

This picture would have been better if I had just stepped out of it and took it of just them!

Trader Joe’s is always a favorite place for us to go.

All natural and great prices.

Then we headed to do some antique shopping.  We knew that we were headed in the right direction when we saw this sign.

They have several stores in the area that we went to, so many that we didn’t get to go to all of them.

I really wanted these pussy willow branches, but I didn’t get them because I had already got the forsythia branches that I am very excited about.

There was a lot of furniture.  Pretty much anything you could possibly want.

I am in love with the bottom cabinet in this picture, maybe for my new mud room?

Kami liked this cabinet, she needs a place for her new dishes, you know.

More on this enamel topped, rolling table later.

A little traffic direction never hurt anyone!

This is what Kami bought.  The cutest little red chairs and……………………

this old wooden, fold up table.  Very cool!!

We went to Margaritaville’s  to eat.

Kami and I had these chicken, pepper cheese, and spinach tamales.

Kayli had this plate of chicken and lettuce covered with pepper cheese and spinach.

So, we all pretty much had the same thing.

It was delicious!!

On the way home, it started to rain and this beautiful rainbow came out and made the day perfect!

We have to do this again!!!

You think that you’re raising your kids but they’re really raising you.

More later…………………….Sally

Pinterest For This Week

Have you ever given much thought to entry ways?

Well I haven’t either.

It’s one of those things that you don’t think about until you have to.

Here are some great ideas that I have discovered on Pinterest.

This entryway is so fresh and light.

The separation with the sliding barn doors in this entryway is very interesting.

I am in love with the black and white color scheme.

 Now this one takes some imagination!!!

Are you enjoying Pinterest?

More later……………….Sally

Pinterest For This Week

The four boards I have for this week that I have tagged on Pinterest are:



I have a brand new grand baby and I am going to try to remember to do this.  He is 3 weeks old now, so I had better get started!

Wish I had thought of this...




In this board I have ideas for the room in our new house that is for all my craft stuff and is also going to be a guest room.

I love the built-in storage and desk.



I made this cake a couple of years ago and it is delicious.  I forgot how to make it and found it online, so here it is.

Poke Cake, literally.


The orange is awesome in this!





I am doing this.  So funny.  It will probably scare my granddaughter, Kennedy, though.




Have you pinned anything that you think I would be interested in?

Let me know!!



More later……………..Sally

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