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3 Month Check Up

I had my three-month check up this week and everything is looking great!

My heart is back to normal, my blood counts are in the normal range, and I’m not scheduled for another appointment for three months!

I am starting to feel a little better too.

I have one more surgery coming up in April to finish what we started with the reconstruction process.

 But surgery is nothing compared to chemotherapy!!

I feel very blessed to be on this side of the cancer.

The Lord is with me!!

He still has plans for me to fulfill.

More later………………Sally

Just An Update


I thought I would update everyone on my health issues.

I have finished my first round of chemotherapy.

Four rounds of the “NASTY RED STUFF”.

It was tough!

I am on my next bunch of chemo, which consists of 12 weeks of 2 more medicines on every Monday.

I only have 3 left!!!!!

I just have to say it……….. Nearly everyone looks better with hair!!

There are exceptions, that’s why I say “nearly”.

 Such as Michael Jordan,  Bruce Willis, and of the course the famous, Brent Burke!

Now women with no hair, I haven’t seen a woman who is bald that I would consider attractive.

I look at that picture that I just took and say….. still the same woman, just bald, swollen, tired, and getting better everyday!

Just keeping it real.

Thank you for all of your love.

It is greatly appreciated!


More later………………….Sally


First round of chemotherapy is over, now I am just dealing with the side affects.

It took about three and a half hours to finish all my bags of medicine.

It wasn’t too bad.

Mainly because I had my loving husband, whom I affectionately call Large, and my prayer shawl that my cousin, Kathy made for me to wrap up in!


Thank you so much Kathy!!!

More later……………………………………..Sally

Breast Cancer Sucks!!

I have an update for everyone on the breast cancer issue.

Last week I went to see the oncologist to talk about our plan of attack and this is a summary of what he said.

First of all he said that the cancer that I have is coming from two sources.

One is estrogen.  One is HER2.

The HER2 is a very aggressive cancer and is what causes the rapid growth in the tumor.

The size of the tumor ended up to be 2.7 centimeters.

The surgeon took out nine lymph nodes, which is all the nodes in your armpit.

They were all cancer free!!!!!!!

Now, back to our plan, we are doing chemotherapy using 2 different medicines starting this Monday.

We are going to do this every other Monday for two months.

The next step is a different chemotherapy medicine every week for 12 weeks.

Like the title of this post says,  “Breast Cancer Sucks!!” .

I again want to thank all of my friends and family for all the love, support , phone calls, texts, instant messages, food, flowers, letters, cards, and visits!!!



I could not do this alone!

Of course, I am never alone, I have Jesus in my heart, the Holy Spirit by my side, and the Good Lord leading the way!!!!!!

More later………………………………….Sally



I just arrived home from the doctor’s office for my follow-up visit after surgery.

The decision of a lumpectomy or a mastectomy was an easy one to make.

The cancerous tumor had already grown from a stage 1 cancer to a stage 2 cancer in the 2 weeks that we have done all the testing on it.

So, I had a mastectomy last Friday.

The outpouring of love and support has been so overwhelming.

My post office friends, where I work, sent this awesome lantern with the Angel of Light in it.

I love it!!!!!


I am so very blessed to have so many friends and family to lean on.


The doctor gave me the best news possible today!

He said that the nodes that they removed during surgery were cancer free!!!!!!

That means that the cancer did not spread to any other place in my body!

Thank the Lord!!

Now I have to heal up, then chemotherapy.

I will keep you updated.

More later…………………………………..Sally

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