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I Am Blessed

The knee surgery went very well, thank God.

I go back to the doctor in 2 weeks.

My sweet husband and devoted mom were there with me.

I also received

lots of well wishes from friends and family via texts, phone calls, and Facebook messages, which I greatly appreciate.

When we got home my besties, Connie, Marilyn, and Lora, came over and brought a whole meal for my family.

It was fabulous.

Here’s a picture of our last adventure together.


There are tall ships, there are small ships, there are pretty ships, and there are ugly ships, but the best ship of all is FRIENDSHIP!

More later…………………….Sally

Easter Fun

This Easter was a great time!

There was lots of great food…..


Mom  always does the Easter feast and it was delicious this year.

The asparagus bundles were my favorite.

I like to try to make something fun for Easter every year so I made these nests with eggs.

Sooooooooooooooo easy!


I love getting together with family.

Especially when a good game of kickball is involved.



Everybody plays.

image image image

My brother, Bill was really moving out in that one!!!


According to my family, you are never too young or too old for kickball.

I hope your Easter fun was as memorable as mine!


More later………………………………..Sally


Cauliflower Recipe

Here is an awesome recipe that I rediscovered.

When I was a teenager my mom started putting things in my “hope chest” so when I got married and left the nest I would have some essential things for my new home.

She also told me not to tell anybody that I had a “hope chest” because she said everyone would say that I had a “hopeless chest”.

She always looked out for me that way.

But anyway, here it is.  It has a big star and is highlighted in yellow.  That’s how you know it’s a keeper.

This is a picture of it slathered in the mayo and mustard mixture.

Then topped with cheese.

Now it has been baked and is ready to eat.


You have to try this recipe.

It is a great mix of flavors!

More later…………………………….Sally

Grandma’s 95th Birthday

My grandma is quite a character.

She enjoys life more than most people.

Some of my best memories of growing up are of my grandma.

We all got together for her birthday celebration.

My brother, Bill – Aunt Belinda – Grandma – Uncle Vic – Mom – Madison

 Nic – Michael – Kennedy – Kayli – Hudson.

Here is a 5 generation picture.

Not very many people can say that they have 5 generations in their family!

Mom asked her if she feels old and her answer was, “What’s the difference if you are 16 or 95?

Gotta love her!!!

More later…………………………Sally

Christmas at Moms

Mom had her table set in blue.

It was really pretty.

This is what everyone sat down to.

After dinner she got out the carom board.  Have you ever played carom?  It’s kind of like pool except your fingers are the pool cues.

  Mom made lasagna!!!  Her lasagna is the best I have ever had.  Everyone else agrees with me.

Gracy getting ready to dig in.

This year we drew names out of a hat for the gifts givers and receivers.

 Then we decided that all the gifts had to be homemade.

Kamille and Justin drew out Mom’s and Megan’s names.  They made candles in wine bottles that they cut off themselves.  Pretty impressive.

Nic had Kamille’s name, he made reindeer out of a six-pack of beer and some coasters for her beverages.

Bill had Big Ran’s name.  Trust me, he really did like his Osborn green and orange Christmas bulbs.  What a hilarious picture!!!

Megan had Kayli’s name and made her a cool teacher crayon wreath and some zebra coasters.

Mom had Madison’s name.  She made her a picture frame with pictures of Madison and Dad, and other pictures of Mom and Dad in their younger days.

  It is awesome!

Here is a picture of the super heroes and their capes.  Bill, Nic, and Justin, I’m sure they are probably wearing these capes now!!

We had our celebration on the 23rd of December, so we also had a little rum cake for the twins birthday.

Yes, that’s right, Mom went all out!  It was a great time!!

Oh yeah, Kayli, I am still waiting on my homemade gift!!!!!

More later………………………….Sally

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