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Kamille’s Wedding

 My daughter, Kamille is getting married in May!!

Soooooo….we have a lot of planning to do.

This will be a little more difficult than you might think because we are both planning the wedding and she lives in Arkansaa and I live in Missouri.

She recently went to a “bridal show” with a friend to get some ideas.

Here are some of the pictures that she took.




Shaggy Grey And White Pillows

Look what I found!!

Shaggy pillows!

And not the kind of shaggy that Austin Powers is talking about!! 

Aren’t they awsome?!


Creamy white

I found the perfect place for the shaggy grey one.

Not sure about this one……… can go any place.

I found these at Target for only $12.99 a piece.

Not bad.

I love them and so does my dog, Shafer.


A dog of good taste!!

More later……Sally

Fingerpainting with Kennedy

 My granddaughter, Kennedy and I got out the paints yesterday.

Whew!!  What fun!!

This is what we used.

Because that is what we had around the house.

You could use red ink, any paint, just glue and glitter……..go crazy.  

The little hearts were made by her little index finger.

We dipped her finger in the paint from a bowl and put it sideways one way and then sideways the opposite direction on the pink construction paper.

Then were poured some red glitter over the heart before it completely dried so it would stick.

Next Kennedy wrote the I and the U above and below the glittered heart.

I cut it out and framed it.

Now it is on display!!!

She is sooo proud!  

No Bake Cookies

 My oven has been broken for the last three weeks.

I have been craving fresh baked cookies.

Of course when you can’t have something, that’s exactly what you want.

So,  I went with the next best thing.

“No bake” cookies!   

These are the ingredients that you need for the recipe that I found. 

                                          My daughter, Madison stiring it up.

 Right before the big drop. 

Doesn’t that make your mouth water?!

Aren’t they georgous!!

Here is the recipe

1  3/4 C  Sugar

1/2 C  Milk

1/2 C  Butter

4 T  Cocoa

1/2 C  Peanut Butter

3 C  Quick Cooking Oats

1 t  Vanilla Extract

Combine first 4 ingredients and bring to boil.  Then cook for 1 minute.  Stir in the rest.  Drop by teaspoonfuls onto wax paper.  Let cool until hardened.


More Yellow and Grey Bedding

I “love” this headboard!

Dana from  house*tweaking made this from recycled wood that has a greyish tone to it.

Then she painted “love” in yellow.

My favorite combo right now!

 Isn’t is awesome?

A little primitive and very up to date! 

I love that ruffly yellow pillow too!

Her blog is great here is the link.


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