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My Garden This Month – May

The garden has had some ups and downs last month.

The weather has been a lot warmer in March and the first part of April this year.

So I have planted bunches of goodies.

Big Ran and the grandkids have already been eating from our strawberry patch.

Everything is looking great!

Strawberries, onions, sunflowers, lettuce, and radishes all share a small space.


I have some other vegetables planted, but they haven’t shown their green yet. 

How does your garden grow? 


More later……………………………….Sally



My peonies are growing like weeds!

Here is a blurry picture that I took about a month ago of my peony plant just coming out of the ground.

This is a picture that I took today of the same plant.


This is the plant that has the white blooms and the pink blooms on it.

Last year it only had five blooms and this year it has six. 

I planted this peony plant out by my garden on the new house’s property.

  So after we sell the house we are living in now, I will have at least one peony.  

It’s beautiful!

It has one more bloom on it getting ready to bust.

I am planting some perennials around the outside of the garden.  One little plant at a time.

Are your peonies blooming yet?

More later…………………………..Sally


My Garden This Month – March

The garden is getting exciting already this year.

For me, it’s exciting when ANY plant comes rising up out of the soil that I planted the year before.

Below is a picture of  a mum plant that is green and growing.

These little leaves are on a hydrangea that I planted last summer.


This little bush starts out with green leaves, then they turn a dark red.

If anyone knows what it is called, I would appreciate the info.


I have 3 small rows planted so far, lettuce – radishes – lettuce.

Here are some buds on my hydrangea that I planted 2 years ago.

Tomorrow I am going to plant some potatoes, peas, and onions.

Wish me luck!

What does your garden look like this month?

More later………………………………….Sally

This Month’s Garden – October 2011

My garden has been invaded!!

All of the mums that I have in the row outside the garden were planted this spring.  There are four of them.  They are all different sizes!  I have a huge orange one, a medium-sized orange one, a small red one, and a tiny red one.  Go figure!!

Below is a picture of my huge one.  Isn’t she beautiful?

This is the tiny one.  They are side by side.

My green peppers are still going strong!

Here is my sage plant.

These are all wild, I didn’t plant any of them. 

Cherry Tomatoes

This is my bounty today.

I hope to show pictures of my garden every month, but I always have good intentions.

The spiders at the beginning of this post didn’t scare you too bad, did they?!


More later…………………………Sally

Garden – Spring 2011


This is what the garden looks like today.

I pulled out all the weeds.

Added more dirt.

Tilled it up with my garden weasel.  

I put mulch on that is supposed to control weeds and hold moisture in.

I like the black. 

Put my garden trinkets back in. 


I have three little rows of peas growing. 


Grow!  Grow!!  GROW!!! 


Here are my radishes that I planted 2 and 1/2 weeks ago.  


The strawberries look luscious!!

This is their second year.  


 I just have a few things that I love in my garden.

One of them is Dad’s old boot.

Just so I’m not alone out there alone.


Hopefully, I am going to plant some plants tomorrow. 

 How does your garden look?

I would love to hear from you.


More later……………Sally



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