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School Days

Today is the first day of school around here.

I have four going today.

From left to right, Gracyn is going to kindergarten, Kennedy is going to 2nd grade, and Michael is going to half day preschool.


Madison is headed out for her first day of her Junior year.


I know they will all have a great day!!

I can’t wait to hear all about it!

More later……….Sally

Birthdays, Birthdays, BIRTHDAYS!

We have had some birthday celebrations around here lately.

Gracyn came up from Arkansas to stay a week last month, so we celebrated her 5th birthday while she was here.

We had a cookout and birthday cake and ice cream at her Aunt Kayli’s house.

All her cousins were there!!

image image image image

 The  picture above on the right is Gracyn with her great grandparents.

I also threw a surprise 50th birthday party for Big Ran.

We had a Miami Dolphin cake and Mountain Dew cupcakes on the desert table.

I made a 50 sign with pictures of him on it.

He received some great old man gifts!!!

image image image image

 I don’t know if you have noticed or not , but Big Ran has grown a “Soul Patch” on his chin since he has retired from the Army Reserve.

He is very proud!

He joined the Army Reserve when he was 18, so this is the first time he has had to grow facial hair.

So to honor his “Soul Patch”, I bought those stick on mustaches and cut them to look like soul patches for everyone to wear.

Fun time!!

I wish I had taken more pictures!!!

My cousin, Joni and her son, Dakota on the right and Big Ran’s coach from high school, Gerald Bond on the left.

image image

We all had a great time!

More later…………….Sally

My Granddaughters Ball

Graycn, my granddaughter, had a Royal Ball at her daycare today.

My daughter, Kamille, snapped some pictures for me.

Check this out!

Gracyn and her king are being announced.



The  feast!


And, of course, the dancing!


That’s right!

That is a twirl!!!


So stinking cute!!

More later………… Sally

Miss You Card

I recently sent my granddaughter, Gracyn, a “Miss You” card in the mail.  

I usually add stickers or draw something fun on the cards that I send to her.

This time I drew a picture of two stick figures holding hands and labeled them Ga Ga (what she calls me) and Gracyn.

Photo: Gaga sent Gracy a card in the mail.

When she received the card she loved the drawing that I had put on it but, she had to add D (what she calls her cousin, Kennedy) and Mama.

She did a great job.

Although she did get a little crazy on the hair part.


I’m thinking we might just have a budding artist on our hands.

This is the cutest thing I have ever seen!

More later……………..Sally

Gracyn’s Birthday #3

My granddaughter,  Gracyn’s birthday was June 28th.

I did a post about her present that I mailed to her.

It was a bunch of pink balloons filled with coins and a fairy costume.

She loved it!

Here she is.

She loves playing dress up.

She has never had a dress up costume with wings, so when she put it on she thought she should be able to fly!

Don’t you just love the innocence of a child.
Happy Birthday Gracyn!
Gaga loves you.
More later………………..Sally
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