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Girls Shopping Trip

Three of my closest friends and I went on our annual shopping trip a couple of weeks ago.

You’ll never guess what we bought….

Photo: We bought boots!! we look amazing!!


The ones I bought are on the right with the crosses on them, love, love, love, them!

My feet are the only thing that stay the same size on me year after year.

So, I gave them a special treat.

We always have a great time on our girl trips,  just being together.

More later………………Sally

These Boots Are Made For Walking

And that’s just what they’ll do.

Are you wearing your boots today?

The weather has cooled down and it is boot weather.


Check out these great boots I have looked at.




I love the turquoise.

Old Gringo Turquoise Collection

This boot is very interesting. 


I have seriously been looking for gray boots.


Always comfy in my cowboy boots

Fall is like getting to spend time with your best friends, you just can’t get enough of it.


More later………………..Sally

Gracyn’s Birthday #3

My granddaughter,  Gracyn’s birthday was June 28th.

I did a post about her present that I mailed to her.

It was a bunch of pink balloons filled with coins and a fairy costume.

She loved it!

Here she is.

She loves playing dress up.

She has never had a dress up costume with wings, so when she put it on she thought she should be able to fly!

Don’t you just love the innocence of a child.
Happy Birthday Gracyn!
Gaga loves you.
More later………………..Sally

Pinterest Bedrooms

I have found some awesome looking bedrooms on Pinterest!

Check these out!

I can’t decide if it is the color I like or the color that I don’t like in this bedroom.

You know what I mean?

Pinned Image

I know that I do love the color combination here. 

And I can’t resist purple. 

This bedroom is the perfect blend of casual and elegant. 

Pinned Image

 I love this bedding!!

Pinned Image

I can’t describe how I feel about this picture, I am drawn to it somehow.

Pinned Image

Have you been on Pinterest?

It’s addictive!!


More later…………………………..Sally

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