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Birthdays, Birthdays, BIRTHDAYS!

We have had some birthday celebrations around here lately.

Gracyn came up from Arkansas to stay a week last month, so we celebrated her 5th birthday while she was here.

We had a cookout and birthday cake and ice cream at her Aunt Kayli’s house.

All her cousins were there!!

image image image image

 The  picture above on the right is Gracyn with her great grandparents.

I also threw a surprise 50th birthday party for Big Ran.

We had a Miami Dolphin cake and Mountain Dew cupcakes on the desert table.

I made a 50 sign with pictures of him on it.

He received some great old man gifts!!!

image image image image

 I don’t know if you have noticed or not , but Big Ran has grown a “Soul Patch” on his chin since he has retired from the Army Reserve.

He is very proud!

He joined the Army Reserve when he was 18, so this is the first time he has had to grow facial hair.

So to honor his “Soul Patch”, I bought those stick on mustaches and cut them to look like soul patches for everyone to wear.

Fun time!!

I wish I had taken more pictures!!!

My cousin, Joni and her son, Dakota on the right and Big Ran’s coach from high school, Gerald Bond on the left.

image image

We all had a great time!

More later…………….Sally

My Brother Bill Turned 50

Man, he’s OLD!!!!!!!

He is the one on the right.

The other distinguished gentleman is my Uncle Bob.

They were born on the same day, seven years apart.


It would be very hard to find anyone better that these two!!!

We threw a small surprise party for them at the local Mexican joint.

Fifteen people in all.

They both deserve more but there is always next year!!

Happy Birthday!!

More later……………………………..Sally

Fun Weekend In Springfield

We spent the last weekend in Springfield.

It was a celebration of  all four of the grandkids’ birthdays.


We all met there and had a blast!!

 It was great having everybody together.


Each grandkid took their turn at opening presents.

Hudson Lee was first for his 2nd birthday.


Michael Eugene was second for his 3rd birthday.


Gracyn Nachele was third for her 4th birthday.


Kennedy Ann was last on her 6th birthday with her new doll.


We had Nerf gun fights,  water basketball games, cake with ice cream in it, and lots of fun!




I had to have a picture of the four kids and I.

We don’t get all of us together very often.


This is just a hint of how much fun we had!!


I can’t wait until the next time!!

More later…………………………Sally

Madison’s 15th Birthday

My baby girl, Madison has turned 15.

My how time flies!!

We, of course, went to the Mexican restaurant in town so she could celebrate in true style!


Look out everyone she is going to take her test to get her permit to drive on Tuesday!

Love you Gaskey

More later………………………………….Sally


50th Surprise Birthday Party

A couple of weeks ago I attended a surprise 50th birthday party celebration.

My friend, Carol is turning 50.


She is a big Harley-Davidson fan and her cake was perfect.

Of course, you have to have dead flowers for an over the hill party.

A good time was had by all.

More later…………..Sally


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