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State Track Meet

Last weekend we made a trip to Jefferson City, MO to the state track meet.

In the picture below is Sara Lin, Kayley Elbert, Madison Rounkles, and Kayley Salmon.

They won 2nd place in the 4 x 800 relay.

 This same quartet won 5 place in the 4 x 400 relay.

Plus they set new school records in both relays!!!

Here is a close up shot of my baby.

The best part about it all is they will all be back next year to compete again!

It was a great time.

Getting ready to make my reservations for next year.

More later…………………………….Sally

New Cool Whip Frosting

Have you tried the new Cool Whip Frosting?

It’s fabulous!!

I tried the chocolate.

I did not frost a cake with it.

I did not put it on cupcakes.

I didn’t even use it as dip for strawberries.

Cool Whip Frosting

I ate it straight from the tube that it came in!!!

Don’t tell anybody.

Hey now, it’s not as big a tub as the regular cool whip!!


More later……………Sally


My Mother’s Day

This year my Mother’s Day was great.

Check out this huge card.


Here it is in comparison to a regular sized card.


It’s getting to be harder and harder to get all the kids together.

Kami wasn’t there, but I got to talk to her a couple of times on the phone.

We should have taken a group photo!!!!

Maybe next time I will think of that.

I hope your Mother’s Day was fabulous, too.

More later…………………….Sally

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