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My Garden This Month – June

The garden is thriving this month.

My basil is smelling and tasting great!

I am always looking for ways to save my basil to have it year round and I have found another way.

I found this on Pinterest.

 From thegardenerseden.com

Pinned Image
I am trying this today!!!
Cherry tomatoes almost ready.

So far we have one sunflower that has bloomed and it is glorious!

How does your garden grow?

More later………………………………….Sally

Caprese Pizza

I have never made or tasted this before.

I found this naan bread at Target and this recipe was on the back.

Sounded good so I thought I would try it.


Here are the ingredients that you will need.

First you brush the olive oil on the garlic naan.

Then you are supposed to grill it, but I just cooked it in my Rachael Ray skillet.

Then I added the pesto and the sliced tomatoes.

Fresh mozzarella cheese is next.

Basil  on top of everything.

Back to the skillet until the cheese is melted.


Here’s the recipe:

I have found that the best recipes are usually found on the packages of the food that you buy.

I hope that you try this one.

 Oh yeah, Big Ran says, “Where’s the pepperoni”.


More later……………………………Sally



Saving Your Basil

My basil has gone a little wild this year!

I have lots of it.

I have made pesto and freezing it for use this winter.  But sometimes you just want the basil, not the pesto.  I have figured out a way to just have the basil.

First, you wash the basil after it comes in from the garden. Then, you take all the basil leaves off the stems.  Put them in your handy-dandy little blender with a bit of water, until they are blended up.

Your mixture should be thick. Then, you spoon out the basil into ice-cube trays and freeze.  After they are frozen, pop them out of the ice-cube trays and put them in a zip lock bag to store in your freezer. 


You can use these for lots of different recipes that call for basil.

This winter when the fresh basil is hard to come by, you will have some on hand!


More later……………………….Sally



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