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Merry Christmas 2012

This year I decorated a small, skinny, artificial tree with small red lights, large candle bulbs, a red berry vine, and deer antlers.

Here are a couple of pictures of the tree.


It turned out pretty cool.


At “Caldwell Christmas” we had a great time.

We sign in every year to take a count and I signed in at 115.

I’m sure there were more show up after I did, there was at least 150 family members there.

The entertainment this year was a game of Family Feud.

And of course, Santa Claus shows up every year!

DSC_0019DSC_0037DSC_0026DSC_0028DSC_0030DSC_0018DSC_0022DSC_0021It’s always wonderful to see most of your family in the same place.

More later…………………Sally


The Garden This Month – December 2011

I found this poem and wanted to share:

The Meaning of the Christmas Wreath, by Holley Gerth

Every Christmas wreath is more than a decoration…it’s a special reminder of Jesus, the reason for our celebration.

The circle of a Christmas wreath is a never ending ring, a reminder of eternal love from our Lord and King.

The Christmas wreath is a sign of welcome, inviting all to enter in….a reminder of Christ’s invitation for all to come to Him.
The middle of a Christmas wreath is a bare and empty space, a reminder of what life would be without Christ’s love and grace.
So each time you see a Christmas wreath

hanging from a door,

may your heart rejoice in the One

that Christmas is truly for!
I have a blinking Christmas wreath heanging on my garden post this month.

More later……………..Sally


Club Christmas

I am in a ladies club.  I have been in it for about 20 years.  When I started in the club we had meetings twice a month.  But it’s hard to get ladies together that often as we all have lots of schedule conflicts.  So now we have decided to have one a month. 

Last night we had our annual Christmas meeting at Kelly’s house.

Her house was beautifully decorated.

Every where you looked you could see Christmas.

All of the club members brought a snack.

  It was all so good.

I think we have about 18 members, give or take a few. 

Here are Diana, Sue, and Sherry.

See, I told you Christmas is everywhere!

Shelly, Carol, and Anita.

Cindy, me, and Kim posing for Anita’s camera. 

At our Christmas meeting we have an ornament exchange.

Shelly and Cindy

Here are “the cable knit sweater girls”. 

 Anita, Shona, Kelly, and Kim. 

Not only do we get together once a month and have a great time, we also do some great things for our community.

It was a fun time!

  Thanks Kelly.

See you ladies next month, if not before.


More later………………Sally

Our Front Door – December 2011

This is what our front door looks like this month.

A mirrored star on the door.

I just love this flag.  It’s a bit ragged, but it still sends the same great message!

I try to keep it as simple as possible at the front door.

A couple of lanterns, a wreath that twinkles, a Believe sign, and 2 little mirrored stars sprinkles in .


More later……………………..Sally

Christmas Decorating

It’s that time of year again.

  Let’s get it on!!

This is a hand painted metal lid that I found at a garage sale.

Isn’t he cute!?

Poinsettias on the island.  One in a Redwing crock.  One in an old tin picnic basket.  The last one in a lantern. 



A close up of the Christmas tree.

Mercury glass Christmas trees with some greenery and lights.


I used a few peacock feathers this year.  I love the effect!!

I put this picture in even though it didn’t turn out very well, because it’s Big Ran’s favorite decoration.  A tall glass canister with colored lights and trinkets in it.

Ho!  Ho!  Ho!


More later………………Sally

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