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Homecoming 2011

I’M BACK!!!!

I had surgery last week on my wisdom teeth.

I had already had my bottom two wisdom teeth pulled out so I knew what I was in for……I am so glad that we only have 4 and mine are all gone!!  And you know what, I feel a lot wiser already!

Glad to have it behind me, I am not feeling perfect, but I feel a lot better.  I will settle for better.   

Madison had her homecoming dance last weekend.

Here she is at her sister, Kayli’s house where she got ready.

She needed help with her hair.

Big Ran and Kennedy were pretty impressed with her, too. 

In this picture that Kennedy and I jumped in on, you are missing the best part, Kennedy has her leg propped up and is really giving the camera a great pose.

I think Kennedy will be a little better at posing than Madison is! 

She doesn’t like having her picture taken.

She looked beautiful!!


More posts to come, I can’t wait to show you my fall decorating.



More later……………….Sally

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