I have been enjoying a new website called

It is a visual bookmarking tool.

You join it.  It’s free.  Then you can start pinning.

Pinning is……when I see a recipe I want to try, a picture I love, or something that I want to try to do, I just click on my “pin it” tab.  It’s very simple to do.  When you join they walk you through it.

Now instead of putting things in my “favorites” file I can pin it and have everything categorized.  It’s very easy to see what you have.  You can also pin off other people.

   Here are some of my pins:


 My Style:
 Love this sweater!

Love this sweater!



buffalo chicken rolls--need to try.

Buffalo Chicken Wraps Recipe



LOVE this dining room designed by Candice Olson

Dining Room  Bliss!!

On a weekly basis, I plan to share some of my favorite pins here.  Just click on the images and they will take you back to the original source that it came from.

 I hope you try it, it’s fun!! 


More later………….Sally

2 responses

  1. You’re absolutely right, nothing could state more than the truth. I enjoy reading your blog posts, and not a day go past without me enjoying pinterest with it’s most unique, revolutionary Pin site in Australia. Friday is the best day to network with other people. Keep up the good work and hope to see you on the other side!

    1. Thank you for commenting on my blog! Thank you also for your encouraging words. I’ll will be on the other side. Thanks again.

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