Party Time

My son, Nic and his girlfriend, Megan came over to celebrate their birthdays. 

It just so happens that Megan’s birthday is the 17th of July and Nic’s is the 18th. 

I usually try to let the kids pick their own menu for their birthday and Nic’s menu was no surprise.  He wanted meatloaf and green bean casserole.  It wasn’t too bad! 

I know that they aren’t children any more, but, I used these rainbow candles anyway.

 On a store-bought cake.

Fun!!  Sorry this picture is so fuzzy.  I’m not very good at action shots.

Baby Michael loved the ice cream and cake part!  And he HAD to do it himself .

I have no idea!???!  Madison is always full of surprises.


 It’s always fun to have the kids at home together.  It doesn’t happen very often!!

That’s life at our house, throw everyone together as often as we can!! 


More later……………….Sally




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