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I have been enjoying a new website called www.pinterest.com

It is a visual bookmarking tool.

You join it.  It’s free.  Then you can start pinning.

Pinning is……when I see a recipe I want to try, a picture I love, or something that I want to try to do, I just click on my “pin it” tab.  It’s very simple to do.  When you join they walk you through it.

Now instead of putting things in my “favorites” file I can pin it and have everything categorized.  It’s very easy to see what you have.  You can also pin off other people.

   Here are some of my pins:


 My Style:
 Love this sweater!

Love this sweater!



buffalo chicken rolls--need to try.

Buffalo Chicken Wraps Recipe



LOVE this dining room designed by Candice Olson

Dining Room  Bliss!!

On a weekly basis, I plan to share some of my favorite pins here.  Just click on the images and they will take you back to the original source that it came from.

 I hope you try it, it’s fun!! 


More later………….Sally

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