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Almost Football Time

I just wanted to share with you a write-up on my son, Nic. 

 This is from www.gogriffons.comFBBlog.asp

Senior update:

    #36 Nic Burrell- LB 6-1 220 Gallatin MO.

    Nic will battle for a starting role this year.  He was a solid backup in the 2010 season.  He played in all 11 games and recorded 16 tackles including a fumble recovery against Fort Hays for a touchdown.  Nic is a physical and athletic football player.  We are excited about his ability to tackle the football. 

Fall Camp Right Around The Corner!!!

    Missouri Western football players will report to fall camp August 10th where they will move into dorms, check out equipment, get physicals and handle all the paper work they need.  The first practice will be held August 11th.  

I know, I know, I am jumping the gun a little, but I am getting very excited!!  I will keep you all informed on the whole season, don’t you worry about that.

Big Ran has already got our hotel rooms booked for all the away games.

I am ready to hit the road!

Go Griffs!!


More later………………..Sally


Honoring Grandma

Last Sunday,  after church, we had a carry in dinner to honor my Grandma’s service to the community.  She and Grandpa have been in the funeral business for many years.  Grandpa was a mortician.  After he passed away, about forty years ago, Grandma kept running the business.  She is an amazing woman!

There was a lot of food!!

We had a great turn out.  I snapped some pictures of a few of the people who showed up.


chicken salad

Everybody loves grandma!!

I will share the spinach salad recipe with you in a couple of days.  Yes, it was delicious!!

And there was cake!!

A wonderful day for a wonderful woman.

More later……………………..Sally

Pinning Again With Pinterest

I have got some more good pins for you today.

This is my “Fabulous Four” for the week.


I am in love with the gold end tables and WOW that bed! 

a romantic space indeed


Homemade Potato Chips and Avocado Ranch Dip

I have got to try this.  Big Ran has had these before and says that they are great.  He wouldn’t go for the Avocado Ranch Dip though. 

Homemade Potato Chips & Avocado Ranch Dip


 There is nothing more frustrating to me than trying to get a screw out from someplace and it has been stripped!!  I am seriously going to try this! 

how to remove a stripped screw using a rubber band.



The little house is adorable, but what I like about this picture is all of the greenery.  Hosta envy!!


 I hope you have enjoyed my new pins.  Just click on the pictures and they will take you to a bigger picture of them.

Back to more pinning.





Dishes For The Month Of July

I am really running behind on this post for the month!


This month I am doing Red, White, and Blue dishes, of course.

The red bowls are vintage Pyrex.   I have had the blue spongeware crockery bowls for twenty years.  The cobalt blue cup is Fiesta ware and the Redwing salt and pepper shakers I got as a Christmas grab bag gift about twenty years ago also.

 Some of the plates I have here are Fiesta ware, ironstone, and blue graniteware and white graniteware.  The graniteware bowls that are white with the red band around them are old.  The rest of the dishes in the middle stack are Fiesta ware.

In this picture to the left is a pair of  Fiesta ware salt and pepper shakers.  Then a little spongeware creamer.  Behind it is a small oval red Fiesta ware plate.  In the stack to the right is more of the spongeware crockery, but this one is a pie plate.  A small stoneware bowl with blue stripes and a red Fiesta ware sugar and creamer set.    

 These dishes make me smile!!!

 Just makes you want to cover your heart with you right hand and say the pledge of allegiance,  doesn’t it?!



More later………………….Sally

Sum It Up Sunday

Just a little inspiration……..

God doesn’t call the qualified,

He qualifies the called.

He is there…………just ask.

More later……………………Sally

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