Dishes For The Month Of June

These are the dishes we will be using for the month of June.

I have a pair of these clear blue glasses.  They don’t have any markings on them, but I love them! 

 Here I have 2 Pyrex mixing bowls,1 Pyrex casserole dish, and some Fiestaware tea cups. 

This retro blue and gold bowl is my inspiration for the color scheme of the  month of June. 

Small blue Pyrex bowl. 

I found these plates at a garage sale last week. for 25 cents a piece! 

 Gold platter and gold-rimmed wine glasses. 

This is the picture on the Pyrex bowls.

It is called Amish Farmer/Butterprint.

 2 Fireking cereal bowls. 

These gold candlesticks are just beautiful!! 

  I want to thank everyone for all the comments and advice that are pouring in.  I love to read all of them! 



More later………………………Sally




One response

  1. madelinemeekins | Reply

    These dishes are beautiful! I dream of vintage dishes one day, but for now the Ikea ones will do. :)

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