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My peonies are growing like weeds!

Here is a blurry picture that I took about a month ago of my peony plant just coming out of the ground.

This is a picture that I took today of the same plant.


This is the plant that has the white blooms and the pink blooms on it.

Last year it only had five blooms and this year it has six. 

I planted this peony plant out by my garden on the new house’s property.

  So after we sell the house we are living in now, I will have at least one peony.  

It’s beautiful!

It has one more bloom on it getting ready to bust.

I am planting some perennials around the outside of the garden.  One little plant at a time.

Are your peonies blooming yet?

More later…………………………..Sally


Kamille’s Wedding

 My daughter, Kamille is getting married in May!!

Soooooo….we have a lot of planning to do.

This will be a little more difficult than you might think because we are both planning the wedding and she lives in Arkansaa and I live in Missouri.

She recently went to a “bridal show” with a friend to get some ideas.

Here are some of the pictures that she took.



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