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This Month’s Garden – October 2011

My garden has been invaded!!

All of the mums that I have in the row outside the garden were planted this spring.  There are four of them.  They are all different sizes!  I have a huge orange one, a medium-sized orange one, a small red one, and a tiny red one.  Go figure!!

Below is a picture of my huge one.  Isn’t she beautiful?

This is the tiny one.  They are side by side.

My green peppers are still going strong!

Here is my sage plant.

These are all wild, I didn’t plant any of them. 

Cherry Tomatoes

This is my bounty today.

I hope to show pictures of my garden every month, but I always have good intentions.

The spiders at the beginning of this post didn’t scare you too bad, did they?!


More later…………………………Sally

My Garden


dreamed of having a little garden surrounded by a picket fence, so I could grow gladiolus and roses in front of it, put some cleome in the corners to peek over the top, plant a little salad garden inside and surround it all with nepeta (cat mint), johnny jump-ups, lemon thyme, basil and tomatoes. So I drew it out on paper (I didn’t want it to be too big) and read garden books and looked at garden magazines to decide what I would plant.

nd then one day…

ust thought you might want to start a dream of your own…it’s the right time to do it! I love kitchen gardens near the door, where flowers and vegetables are all mixed together…a rose tree, or a lemon tree in the middle is nice; so is a bird bath! Plan for a little bench out there; plant organic salad greens and herbs, foxgloves, or a garden with all white flowers, it’s all yours to dream. Birds and bees will love you.

This is from http://www.susanbranch.com

Susan is soooo inspiring!!!

I made my own little garden.

Last summer Big Ran built this garden for me to play in. 


It’s not near as beautiful as Susan’s, but I figure I have the rest of my life to perfect it! 

Obviously, Shafer loves the garden. 

 This is the front gate.


I found this windmill at a garage sale last summer.

It is perfect for this garden. 


 There are strawberries growing already this year.


 Last summer I planted watermelon, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, lots of herbs, flowers, sunflowers, and more. 

This year I’m going to try some different plants.

Today I’m going to plant radishes and lettuce.



More later………….. Sally

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