Pinterest Wednesday

You can find just about anything that you could possibly think of at 

Here are a few fo my Boards……….



In this board I have collected things that I want Big Ran (my hubby) to build for me.  He is going to build this for the grandchildren for Christmas this year.

For the boys' room

I have tagged this “For the boys’ room”.




In this board I have pictures of pugs that look like my baby, Shafer.

Just for fun!! 


In my house plans of the house that we are building there is a spot for a window seat and I am very excited about it.  Wouldn’t this just be a perfect spot to read a book and relax? 
how many spaces am I wasting?




This board is one that I am following is from another member of Pinterest.  She posts a lot of great diet recipes and I get to them on my page, too.  This looks awesome!

portabella burgers Totally could play with this recipe to make it lower calorie!

Portobello Burger



Have you joined Pinterest yet? 

  What are you waiting for?

Dive right in!!

That’s what I did.



More later…………..Sally


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