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JV Basketball

My daughter, Madison, played a lot of  junior varsity basketball this year.

She is number 30 in the pictures below.






DSC_0102She got an award at the Winter Sports Banquet for shooting 30 percent and over from the three point line.

She has learned a bunch in her freshman year of basketball.

More later………………Sally


New Basketball Goal

This is what our basketball goal looked like every time that a big wind came along, seems like it was like this just as much as it was upright!

Here is what our new basketball goal looks like now.

Big Ran dug a hole and put some cement in it and now our goal is very secure.

Nevermind the tube socks and sandals thing that Big Ran is rockin’.

We had help getting this heavy backboard up.

My brother, Bill came over.

Madison even had a hand in getting it ready.

Big b-ball games ahead!

More later………….Sally

Junior High Basketball

Madison has played junior high basketball for the last couple of months.

She is number 31.

This wasn’t a great year according to the won/lost record.

We won a few and lost a few more.

Basketball is a great sport!

Every year as you watch the same girls and boys play a sport, you see how they develop certain skills and comraderary with their teammates. 

 After all that is what basketball is, a TEAM sport.

A little hip action there.

She loves basketball!!


More later……………………..Sally

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