Birthday Bash

Over the weekend we had a birthday party for my granddaughter, Kennedy and grandson, Michael.

I have a new camera, finally, so some of these pictures are actually pretty good.

Kennedy standing here with the table full of gifts.

 Michael looking very ornery. 

Michael with his party hat and 1st birthday bib on. 

Happy Birthday Michael and Kennedy

 Kennedy had a little Mermaid cake and Michael had a Smurf cake. 

They had a ton of presents!!
Uncle Nic holding Baby Hudson.
Baby Hudson won the “Most Dressed Up” award with that tie on. 
 Kennedy and Graycn
 We had to play with some of the new toys!!
 My granddaughters, Kennedy and Gracyn love to party it up. 
But here is the real party animal!!!
 We all had a great time.
Having all 4 of my grandchildren in the same place at the same time is indeed a blessing!!
 More later…………………Sally


One response

  1. Sally u r truly blessed! What beautiful Grand Babies.

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