Kamille’s Bridal Shower

 My daughter Kamille and granddaughter Baby Gracyn have finally arrived from Arkansas.

Saturday morning was Kamille’s bridal shower.

Dianna and Jamie Lunsford hosted it at Dianna’s house. 

It was a brunch. 

So we had great breakfast casseroles and lots of good sweets and breads.

We also had lots of good things to drink including mimosas!! 

Here is Kamille’s Grandma Burrell and Sandy playing party games. 

We had lots of friends and family gathered for fun.

Jamie and Cousin Stephanie 

Aunt Debbie and Aunt Sherri 

Cousin Connie and Lora  

Aunt Marilyn and Dianna  

Cousin Shelly and Cousin Tracy  

Our neighbor, Nancy    

Kayli, Laura and Baby Michael 


The view from the top.  


Opening presents. 




Me and my baby girl!! 

Thank you to Dianna, Jamie and Nancy!!

What a wonderful way to start the weekend!!!

Gotta go………..lots left to do.




More later……………..Sally  


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