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Just An Update


I thought I would update everyone on my health issues.

I have finished my first round of chemotherapy.

Four rounds of the “NASTY RED STUFF”.

It was tough!

I am on my next bunch of chemo, which consists of 12 weeks of 2 more medicines on every Monday.

I only have 3 left!!!!!

I just have to say it……….. Nearly everyone looks better with hair!!

There are exceptions, that’s why I say “nearly”.

 Such as Michael Jordan,  Bruce Willis, and of the course the famous, Brent Burke!

Now women with no hair, I haven’t seen a woman who is bald that I would consider attractive.

I look at that picture that I just took and say….. still the same woman, just bald, swollen, tired, and getting better everyday!

Just keeping it real.

Thank you for all of your love.

It is greatly appreciated!


More later………………….Sally

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