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A Break In The Weather

We went on a wonderful cruise vacation last week.

Below are pictures of Jamaica.

imageIt was very nice to get away for a week.

If you want to see these Jamaica pictures better, just click on the picture and they will get larger.imageimage


We flew from Kansas City to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Started on our cruise.

From there we went to Key West, Grand Cayman, and then to Jamaica.

It was a wonderful get a way.

Below is a picture of my Uncle Gary and Aunt Debbie having fun before dinner.


Our good friends Scott and Cindy.  Lookin’ good!


An amazing sunset at dinner time.


The maid service always makes towel animals for you every day to enjoy.





Uncle Ted and Aunt Barbara.


Our best friends, Mark and Connie.


When we left Kansas City it looked like this!


Here are some random pictures that I took.



It was a blast!


The water was soooooooo blue and beautiful!


More later……………………….Sally

Fun in Miami

I took these pictures after we boarded the ship.

This is what it looks like when you are pulling out of the port in Miami.

Beautiful, especially when you live in Missouri.  In February, Missouri is pretty drab, unless it is snow-covered.  Then it is pretty.  But, the weather, the palm trees, the tropical flowers in bloom, the slight breeze, aaaaahhhhh!  Need I say more?!

Smut (Mark), my cousin, Pam’s husband, looks like he is ready for some vacation!!

My cousin, Pam or Pedro to her best friends, is ready, too!

Big Ran and I just taking it all in.

Big Ran put a small down payment on this winter home for us!!  Yeah right!!

We are coming upon Miami beach.

Miami beach looks beautiful and crowded.

But wouldn’t you just love to have the option of going to the beach on a daily basis?!

Or even weekly?!

Aunt Sherri,  Angel, and I made the big screen!!

If you are thinking about going on a cruise, I definitely recommend it.  It is sooo relaxing.  No cooking, cleaning, working, no specific schedules, and great islands to explore.

More later……………………………………….Sally

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