Christmas With Family

We go to lots of gatherings of family for Christmas.

The Saturday before Christmas (unless it’s Christmas eve like this year) we get together with the Caldwell bunch.  And I do mean a bunch!   We have it at the school-house, so we can all fit in.

Below are pictures of cousins (Candy, Lori, and Marleen)-an overview of the cafeteria-Kamille and Michael-more cousins getting our meal ready-Santa (Luke) with the little kids handing out presents-the good boys and girls with Santa (Kathy, Tim, Me, Luke, and Cheryl).

We try to have a skit or a little play every year.  Here are some pictures of my talented family.

Then that same evening we had the Goin clan over to our house for another celebration.

Here are pictures of Carma, Lauren, Lisa, Big Ran, George, Rob, and Tyler.

This is Clifford, Luke, George, Madison, Luke’s daughters, and Tyler with his white elephant gift on.

What a great family we have!!

It is great to be able to see them all!!

More later………………….Sally

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