Gracyn Playing Basketball

This is a post from my daughter’s blog,


A few weeks ago Gracyn noticed a little girl outside dribbling a basketball.  She watched this little girl dribble for about twenty minutes and Gracyn rarely does anything for longer than ten minutes.  So I knew what I had to do:  I bought Gracyn a basketball goal and ball at babies r us.  She loves it!  She is quickly becoming a basketball star (well in our home anyway;-).  I’m going to have to start sending her back home to Missouri every summer so she can get some coaching from Grandpa Mike, Coach Kayli, Aunt Madi, Gaga and Grandpa Randy!  Lol!  There is no shortage of basketball coaches in my family. . . I didn’t even mention my grandparents, brother, aunt, uncle and cousins!  Anyway, after easily making baskets standing right beside the goal and watching Justin and myself shoot baskets from a distance, Gracyn attempted to back up a step and “shoot” it in rather than just putting it in.  Lol!  This still needs some work. . . 

Posted By Kamille to Gracy and Momma at 3/17/2011 05:26:00 PM

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