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Our Front Door This Month – November 2011

This is what our front door looks like this month. 

I have still got my pumpkins out.  And, of course, the Griffon flag is still flying high. 

Welcome to our home! 


More later………………….Sally

Dishes for the Month of November

I have all of my Thanksgiving dishes out and they won’t all fit in my little cubby hole that I put my other month’s dishes of the month in, so,  I will have to pick which one to use this month.

Here is my turkey platter.

I have my purple cut glass dishes out.  I bought them on Ebay about 6 years ago.  There are 4 dinner plates, 4 salad plates, 4 soup bowls, and 12 drinking glasses.

Purple cut glass drinking glasses.

These brown  transfer ware dishes are marked Staffordshire.

Brown and purple for November…………….who would have thought?


More later………….Sally

Catching Up

It’s been a little crazy around here…..

Last week Big Ran was in the hospital for a couple of days from a magnesium shortage.  

Over the weekend Nic had the experience of a lifetime with his football team beating their rival for the first time in 8 years!!

And my dad’s brother, Larry lost his long battle with cancer.  It’s so hard to see your cousins hurt that much.  We only lived a half a block a part growing up.  Larry had been saved.  He and Dad are probably doing a little catching up.

I have also been planning the menu for Thanksgiving.


Pinned Image


Pinned Image


Mashed Potatoes

Pinned Image

I hope to get the recipes to you soon.

Hold on tight to your families!!!



More later………………..Sally






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