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Wedding-The Bridesmaid’s Dresses

 We have got the bridesmaids dresses!!!

They are champagne with black lace on the top with a high-waisted black built-in belt. 

 The rest of the dress is black down to the knee.

 It has two rosettes at the neckline.

And it buttons in the back.

We found these at JC Penney for a nice price.

A very pretty dress for very pretty ladies! 

I know they ladies will rock these dresses!!!

Getting excited!!!!


More later………………..Sally

More Wedding Goodies

 We have picked out the flower girl dresses.

The bride’s (Kamille) daughter, Gracyn and the bride’s niece, Kennedy hold the honors of being the flower girls.


They are an off white color with little pearls at the top.


And little pearls on the lattice silk on the bottom.

It is just a beautiful dress! 


Since the wedding is in May, and in Missouri, we also got these little cardigans to go over the dresses in case it is chilly out.

The cardigans have a hook and eye enclosure at the top so the dress underneath will still show.

And they have the tiny pearls sewn on them, too.

This is a picture of the fluff inside the dress.


I think my two little granddaughters will look just like…….


I can’t wait to see them in these!

They are grammy’s little princesses!!

More later…….Sally


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