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Night Golf With Christmas Lights

Have you ever played night golf?

My friend, Connie had a night golf outing for her husband, Mark’s 50 birthday.

Let me tell you something, it’s dark out there when the moon is covered by clouds.

 Here is a picture of my partner, Mike’s cart after I got it decorated.

I had a string of regular Christmas lights.

I put them around the windshield of the cart and Mike plugged them into a little battery that he had. 

It was great!

This is a picture of our golf balls.

They have a hollow strip in the middle of them for a small glow stick to fit in and light it up.

Pretty cool! 

If you can’t have fun in the dark, then when can you have fun???

If you have never played night golf, I highly recommend that you try it.

More later…………………………..Sally

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