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Breast Cancer Sucks!!

I have an update for everyone on the breast cancer issue.

Last week I went to see the oncologist to talk about our plan of attack and this is a summary of what he said.

First of all he said that the cancer that I have is coming from two sources.

One is estrogen.  One is HER2.

The HER2 is a very aggressive cancer and is what causes the rapid growth in the tumor.

The size of the tumor ended up to be 2.7 centimeters.

The surgeon took out nine lymph nodes, which is all the nodes in your armpit.

They were all cancer free!!!!!!!

Now, back to our plan, we are doing chemotherapy using 2 different medicines starting this Monday.

We are going to do this every other Monday for two months.

The next step is a different chemotherapy medicine every week for 12 weeks.

Like the title of this post says,  “Breast Cancer Sucks!!” .

I again want to thank all of my friends and family for all the love, support , phone calls, texts, instant messages, food, flowers, letters, cards, and visits!!!



I could not do this alone!

Of course, I am never alone, I have Jesus in my heart, the Holy Spirit by my side, and the Good Lord leading the way!!!!!!

More later………………………………….Sally


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