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Cruise Ship Fun

This is a picture from Aunt Barbara of part of the ship.

As you can see, the ship has a big slide on it, so a few of us had to try it out.

Here’s Lora first.

Then Jerald, her husband.

Next is Bill.

Then Aunt Sherri tried it.

Tricia rocked the slide.

This is Aunt Debbie, I just love her expression.

And still!!

Uncle Gary might have bit off a little more than he could handle.


Aunt Debbie did wait around for him just in case, while Alan comes busting down the slide.

Extreme close up of Alan.

A shot of some of our group in the hot tub, relaxing and having fun.

There was a lot of dancing going on but these two shots are the only ones that I got.

Uncle Gary by himself and Uncle Gary and Tricia.

There were 31 of us from our area that went on this cruise together.

Here are a few random shots of everyone in the big auditorium.

They have lots of different things to take part in for fun on the ship and one of them was being an alcohol mixologist.  Bill signed up for this and Alan and I were judges.  Bill won!  Here are a few exciting pictures of this.

I hope you enjoyed sharing our fun on the ship.

We had a great time!

More later……………………………….Sally

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