Leap Day and American Idol

Happy Leap Day!

Are you doing anything special for leap day?

This is an extra day that we have to get some things done that we don’t usually have time for.  Good thought.  Let’s just see how that all pans out!! 

Me?  I’m going to work, running errands, all the usual stuff.

I’ll let you know how much of that extra stuff that I get done.

Do you keep up with American Idol?

Every year Madison and I pick the one that we think will win.  We start from the beginning of the show.  This year I picked Phil Phillips.  What an amazing talent!


Madison’s pick is already gone.  Ha Ha

But I told her she could pick another one. 

I have more pictures of the vacation I was just on, I am having difficulties getting them off the camera and onto the computer!!

More later…………………………Sally

One response

  1. I love him too. There are a lot of good ones but he is one of my favorites. :-)

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