The Movie Courageous

Big Ran, Madison and I went to watch Courageous today.  




I cried and cried and cried.

It is a very inspiring movie.

On the way home from seeing movies I always ask everyone,   “What was your favorite part of the movie?”  Big Ran and Madison said that they liked the speech at the end of the movie.  But my favorite part was in the police car when Havari was acting like a physco.  You have to watch this movie……if you can, watch it as a family! 


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More later……………………Sally

2 responses

  1. theWomanAtTheWell | Reply

    I saw this last night. good review by the way, you didn’t spoil a thing! My fav. part? when Havari was in the ally walking home from the construction site(I have had these very moments with God myself). Powerful movie. Did you notice the tips for being a godly wife? They were there as conviction grabbed be on a few scenes. anyway, thanks for the post, great movie! -WATW

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