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The Nate Burkus Show

I can not get enough of  The Nate Burkus Show.  I’m sure all of you know of him.

He is a great designer.  He got his big start on Oprah.

My favorite part of the show is “House Proud”.   People send in video of the houses and talk about why they are proud of them.  Here are some pictures of a few of them.

This is Sharon Saffert’s home in Arizona.

Outdoor Dining Pavilion

The mural on the dining room wall is breathtaking!!!

Sharron's Arizona Dream Home

I think the wall coloring is interesting.

 Sculptural Elements

Rotunda Ranch

Lizzy Carney shares a couple of pictures.  She shares my love of chandeliers.

Dutch Kitchen Inspiration

This is her closet!!

Fantasy Dressing Room

I DVR Nate every day.  He is on ABC at 10:00 am weekdays.

He also has some good recipes on the show.

More later……………………Sally

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