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Wedding – The Faux Picture Wall

 Big Ran made the wooden wall with the cutouts for the frames.  Then we added the wallpaper.

Mom and I painted the frames and the trim for the wall.

Then Big Ran put the crown moulding at the top and the frames around the cutouts.  Pretty good so far, huh!  Now we have to hang some frames with some real pictures in them to make it look more like a real wall.

Here are 3 of the bridemaids having some fun with the wall.

This is a very fuzzy picture of Megan, Nic, my Mom, me and Bill.

 Sorry that these pictures are so bad.  I hope you can enjoy them anyway.

Here is Uncle Ted, Mom, Aunt Barbara and Aunt Sherri having some fun.


 This faux wall was a big hit!!  Everyone enjoyed it!  I was too busy with other wedding things to take very many pictures.  I wish that I had taken more pictures.  I highly recommend building one of these walls.  It’s easy if you have a handy hubby like I do!!!!!!!!!!!!

More later……………………………Sally

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